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find Senior Assisted Living Facilities
find Senior Assisted Living Facilities
find Senior Assisted Living Facilities
find Senior Assisted Living Facilities
find Senior Assisted Living Facilities
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find Senior Assisted Living Facilities
find Senior Assisted Living Facilities

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find Senior Assisted Living Facilities
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find Senior Assisted Living Facilities
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Great Spot for Mom:

Thanks for the follow-up. Yes, we are happy with the community overall - I'm sure there are The caregivers are kind and supportive, and everyone seems to enjoy their job. They give quite personalized service too, which is great. We can relax knowing she is being monitored and has assistance as needed. Her Parkinson's has progressed a bit since last year, so she is using her walker all the time now. Her spirits are good and she also accepts that this is the best solution for her needs. Thanks again for your service! Betty

Wonderful Home:

Dear CarePatrol, I thought you'd enjoy reading what my brother wrote. He lives in Michigan and is visiting my mom, so this is the first time he's seen the home where you placed my dad. "I spent 45 minutes with Dad today and 15 with RG. You've did a wonderful job finding and selecting that place!!! Should I ever find myself in the same situation, I hope to God I land in something similar." Hope you have a very happy new year. And many thanks again for helping us find this wonderful home. LB-Chandler, AZ

Mother is Doing VERY Well:

My mother is doing VERY well. I was so worried when she was told to leave her apartment that she would never be happy anyplace else. I was so wrong. The new community is exactly what she needed. She participates in almost every activity and especially loves BINGO. It was available to her at the apartments but no one ever took her to it and so she never went. Now she can't wait to play again and win another stuffed animal. Chris, the activities director, gets my vote for Person of the Year. Mom loves him and I'm sure every other resident does too. My mother was not participating at the apartments. Now she's never in her room; she's always doing something. She's so happy! I would not have found her community without your help. If you ever need someone to sing your praises, please call on me. Thank you for following up, Sue

Dear CarePatrol :

Things are going well for mom and I am glad that she is so close to me, I see her quite a bit. I saw her today and the physical therapist was there and it was nice to see him work on mom. She seems to progressing well. He is very nice. I think mom is doing fine and seems to enjoy living there, thank you for all your help.

Thank You:

Things have been going pretty well. Mom got moved into the care home and she loves it. On Friday when I asked her how she likes it she said that everyone is so kind and it feels like family living here, so I guess she likes it so far. I like all the folks there too. They are all kind and seem to like mom a lot. There are 6 gals and 1 guy and the home has many visitors which keeps the residents all engaged. I can't thank you enough for all the time and energy you gave me in my search. It was a huge benefit and I gave some of the info you game me to a friend who is also looking for their parents they might be contacting you. Take care and I will keep you in the loop as to how things are going. Happy weekend! Chris
















At CarePatrol, we love getting letters from families that we have helped. As a matter of fact, it happens every day and makes going to our mailbox and wonderful experience. Just take a look at some that we have received recently.  We want to help your family be as happy as the thousands that we have helped before