Why We Do What We Do

Why would anyone want to be in the business of helping seniors?

For many of us it starts out with a personal experience. A loved one or friend begins having difficulties with everyday tasks. They struggle with the things we all take for granted. Many of us began our journey as caregivers and helpers. After awhile the task of helping becomes overwhelming. We start to see the situation is getting worse and more help is needed.

For us it was my Dad. He had a bad heart, Asbestosis, and diabetes. It was a family effort with my Mom being the primary caregiver. For almost five years Dad hung on and the toll it took was great. Mom was worn out and if Dad had lived longer she would not have been able to continue.

It was after the fact that we began to learn about options. Home Care and assisted living were terms that were new to us. We just didn’t know. One day we heard a radio ad that changed our life forever. We started our Senior Business 6 months later. That was ten years ago and our life has been blessed in ways we could not have comprehended.

So why do we do what we do? For us it was a call to service that could not be denied. Let our experienced senior advisors give you the information and help you need.

Ken Keeley, CSA