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5 Questions to Ask to know if Senior Living is Right for You

In my business, I hear it all the time. I’m not old enough for a nursing home; I’m not sick enough. That is a misperception that the Senior Living industry has been overcoming for years. While it’s true, Senior Living isn’t right for everyone, before you opt out of it, ask yourself these five questions to learn if senior living is right for you.

1. Do I still want to take care of my own home?

Home is where you raised your children, lived with your family, there’s a sentimental attachment to it. But caring for a home can get overwhelming. It costs money and time, especially when you would much rather be enjoying life and the experiences it has to offer.

2.   Am I old enough?

There are so many levels of senior living available to you including Independent Senior Apartments, Assisted Living Apartments, Assisted Living Communities, and more. Many newer properties are like vacation resorts and are geared towards active professionals 55 years and older. They offer a host of amenities and provide an active lifestyle.

3. Do I spend too much time alone?

Social isolation affects the body just as much as illnesses do. It causes depression and anxiety. If you are socially isolated because of location or you need more motivation to interact with peers, then moving to a senior living community might be right for you.

4. How much space do I need?

Senior apartments range in size. Some start at 1500 square foot or more and others go as small as 700 square feet. Depending upon your budget and how much down-sizing you are comfortable with will all factor into your decision.

5. How long can I afford it?

People are living longer. And while there are affordable options for everyone, you still want to be good financial stewards when it comes to your care. Understanding your finances and the amount you need to expend every month will help you determine when it would make economic sense to move.


Even if you aren’t ready to move into a Senior Living community at this present moment, working with a Certified Senior Advisor can help. They will be able to educate you on how to pay for your Senior Living and health care needs, as well as understand what your options are. By pre-planning, you will know when Senior Living is right for you!

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