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Making the move to a senior living community will obviously create a big change to your loved one’s lifestyle. To help make what could be an incredibly overwhelming and traumatic situation, into one that will be positive and even stress relieving, requires preparation. In my many years of experience, I have found that those who transition the easiest into these communities have intentionally prepared for it. Here are my 5 tips of how to prepare for senior living.

1. Recognize What Is Important

Moving to a senior living community means going from a lifetime of accumulation to a simpler way of living. Downsizing. This is the opportune time to share meaningful belongings with loved ones. Purge the clutter and possibly sell the excess. This might include selling the house, if it is no longer needed or being passed to family. This will bring ease and simplicity as wealth is passed from one generation to the next.

2. Plan Financially

Senior living can cost between $3,000-$10,000 per month (in Arizona) depending on the level of care. For this to go smoothly, it is wise to plan in advance how this will be paid. Having a discussion with close family and trusted financial advisors will really help. Whether it is paid for out of assets that have been saved, a house that has been sold, or Medicaid, it is important to have a solid idea of what the plan is before moving into a community. When it does come time to move, having the financial situation already planned, will bring a huge sense of relief.

3. Update All Legal Documents  

Legal documents are essential when moving into a senior living community. It is important to have a trust or will so that all affairs are in order. Having Power’s of Attorney (POA’s) in place brings peace of mind while managing the household, if necessary. These can be done with an Attorney (if needed) or legal document preparer for a reasonable cost.

4. Plan For Convenient Medical Care

Convenience is key. Transportation may be limited to close surroundings by the community, so having doctors located nearby is wise. If they are not close it can be arranged for them to come to the communities and care homes. It is important to know these options while preparing your move.

5. Talk To A Senior Living Consultant

How do you choose the right community? It is important to find a home where the community’s values align with yours, and that you feel at peace with the staff. An independent assessment of the community will be a game changer. Know that you have chosen a safe community that is looking out for the very best. Having someone with access to health department records, and a “boots on the ground” look into these homes can be invaluable in making this tough decision.

As your Carepatrol Senior Living Expert and Certified Senior Advisor, I help people make the best decision possible in choosing an assisted living care home and community. If you are in the process of discovering the communities around you, I would be honored to join you in your search and be a resource for you in your senior living needs.

If you would like to learn more about independent living, or perhaps even to see some of our amazing communities here in the East Valley, I would love to connect with you. Feel free to contact me!

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