8 Top Mobility Tools for the Aged People in 2019


No one can stop the time counter of life. We all are bound to grow old. The old age comes with its own set of challenges. Sometimes, you end up facing partial or complete disability due to the weakness of bones. Towards the latter part of life, simple tasks like walking, eating, and doing different daily chores become nothing less than a constant problem.

Sometimes walking from one point to another becomes a strenuous task. Becoming physically-dependant on others could damage your self-esteem, behold your independence and destroy your self-reliance.

Optimal mobility is defined as the freedom of movement with the ease of accessibility towards various places. Mobility is a significant challenge for the public health department to develop effective and efficient strategies and solutions to promote health and well-being in a diversified aged population.

In a well-developed society, the public health department of mobility and disability, mainly focuses on providing health interventions to enhance walking or driving or other daily routine activities. Researchers and healthcare facility providers carry out studies and researches to come up with some excellent mobility equipment to facilitate the standard of living for the aged people in 2019. Here is a list of the top 8 mobility tools that can enhance the lifestyle for the elderly and the disabled.

1.     Walker

Walker is a tool that can completely change a disabled person’s life. With a sturdy structure, the walker has two wheels which can make it easy for disabled people to walk like they used to. Based on how much help you need while walking, you can opt for the standard old school walker that does not have any wheels, or you can get the wheeled walker that provides you with maximum stability.

2.    Rollator

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Rollators are walkers with wheels and advanced options. It offers the maximum stability and higher mobility in outdoor environments. It provides freedom of movement in the outdoors and rougher terrain but is still reliable and safe to use indoors. It’s a heavy-duty walker with seat and wheels, specially designed to aid heavier patients in freely moving around.

3.      Liftware

We become more vulnerable and susceptible toward achieving few tasks with the passage of time. There are illnesses that affect our primary muscles and hence restrict performance of our daily tasks. The range of liftware products is the answer to such a mobility issue. These products help the aged or disabled in lifting any utensils while eating food. Liftware has a special kind of cutlery for those who are unable to hold the cutlery straight while eating. It boosts the quality of your lifestyle and enables you to enjoy your mealtime.

4.   Knee braces

As you grow old, you come across joint pains and bone pains. But now you do not need to worry about that. The brace sleeves decrease the pressure from getting exerted on your joints by providing relief to knee joints or any other joint. It is probably the easiest tool with air ventilation from all sides. The brace sleeves are durable because they are manufactured with high tensile carbon steel springs and commercial strength Velcro. The brace sleeve is door resistant and mashing washable, which means you can maintain its hygiene very easily.

5.    Stair Steady Handle for Climbing

This device helps people with mobility difficulty, especially while climbing up the stairs. It allows the elderly to easily and safely use stairs. The Stair Steady helps in keeping your independence intact on the stairs while staying safe. It is a handle that could be used on any flat surface as well while walking in a corridor having a rail. It is a high-quality fixed handrail and a sliding handle that moves when pushed and is locked over exertion of weight. Hence it is firm support for the climber or the person descending the stairs.

6.   Grabber Tool

If you have ever wondered about the best alternative to a human hand, it is a Reacher Grabber. This tool is a very assistive tool that functions just like a human hand. It is a convenient tool for people who cannot stoop over, bend or stretch their arms for any reason. It is designed specially for elders who are recovering from surgery or have limited mobility. This tool is lightweight and can help pick objects from high shelves and counters.

7.    Mobility Scooter

If physical disabilities are limiting you from going somewhere, the mobility scooter is the best option for you. It is the best way to add freedom to a disabled person’s life. Whether it’s traveling, shopping, exploring nature or spending time with friends and family, an immobilized person will never feel left out again. The mobility scooter can work until 15 miles which means you can also use it for long distances. The mobility scooter can go as far as 40 miles without being charged which means that it offers large battery power.

8.   Bed and Chair Fall Guard

Old age brings out a lot of stress and pressures with the deterioration of physical health. The older you are, more likely it is that you could have a nasty fall. It is a great deal when you face such an accident at an old age. It takes a significant toll on the physical health and stability after the old ones have to face a fall. This tool of bed and chair fall guard is an assistive technology that comes in handy when in the worst cases one might not be able approach or make a phone call for help. As soon as someone with a mobility concern falls or leaves their bed or chair the caregivers receive an immediate head up.

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