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Senior Care Advisory Services

Nothing would be more ideal, than being able to care for mom or dad at home. But when that’s no longer an option, CarePatrol is here for you. Our Local Senior Care Advisors provide the guidance and resources you need to choose the best place for your parent. 

Our senior living placement services are no cost to you, as we are paid for by over 20,000 preferred senior care providers across the nation.

Navigate Senior Care Transitions with Our Local Experts

CarePatrol’s senior care advisory services offer more than just guidance; they give you a lifeline to a future filled with comfort and peace of mind, all at no cost to you. The journey to finding the perfect senior care solution for your loved one may feel daunting, but with us, it becomes a path illuminated by hope and strength. Our team is here to help you through a step-by-step process where we take the time to understand your loved one’s unique needs and match you with the perfect care solution.

Find High-Quality Senior Care Solutions

From the individualism of independent living, the security of assisted living, and even specialized memory care, the options can be overwhelming. You know that you want your loved one to feel safe, comfortable, and well-cared for in a secure environment, so where do you begin your search, and who can you turn to for help? 

That’s where CarePatrol’s senior care advisory services come into play, offering tailored support to find high-quality senior care solutions within your area. 

Our advisors are experts in helping seniors find the right care for their needs. By understanding what makes your loved one unique, from their medical needs down to their personal preferences and budget, our “care discovery” process will reveal solutions quickly. Then, we’ll work together to match you with the perfect option for your loved one, where they will thrive in the years ahead.

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It all begins with a simple phone call. Why is this call so important?

Choosing a safer senior housing option, unfortunately, cannot be made by appearance alone. What is most important is something that really can’t be seen. It is "Can this community really care for your senior?" That's why CarePatrol's advisors complete a "Care Discovery" and base our recommendations on care options that can specifically meet your individual needs and preferences.

Meet Your Local CarePatrol Senior Advisor
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Guided Tour of Communities

We believe in private & personalized tours. We literally walk you through the steps. You will never get a list from us and be told to “go visit them alone, or on your own.” After we’ve matched your individualized needs to safer care options in your area, we will accompany you on a tour of each one of them. Or, we will provide a virtual tour if that works better for you. You are never alone because we will be your personal care guide from start to finish.

Meet Your Local CarePatrol Senior Advisor
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Full Care Details & Transparent Pricing

We insist on transparency with pricing & services. We don’t like surprises either. How to pay for care is always a concern and a valid question of our clients. Another important question relates to what services are provided in a specific care option. We can help alleviate these concerns. We will inform you of private, Veterans, or other government programs that you may be eligible for.

Meet Your Local CarePatrol Senior Advisor
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Moving Day & Transition Support

We work with the community so you can focus on your loved one. Change can be hard, especially for Seniors. We make sure everything is in order so on moving day, everybody’s attention can be on making the transition as smooth as possible. Ensuring your questions are answered and you continue to feel good about your decision is as important as getting your senior settled in to a new environment.

Meet Your Local CarePatrol Senior Advisor
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Continuing Care Support

CarePatrol delivers satisfaction to families every day. Your advisor will be there for you when you need them - even after you make your decision. Long after move-in day, we'll still be there with regular check-ins to ensure your loved one's needs are being met.

Meet Your Local CarePatrol Senior Advisor
Being Discharged from a Hospital or Care Setting?
Being Discharged from a Hospital or Care Setting?
Safe and Quality Solutions at No Cost

For older adults in need of continued care or support when being discharged from a hospital or other care setting, finding the right care option can be complex. CarePatrol services include recommendations for senior placement in community or residential settings, home care services, and temporary respite stays. Our local senior care advisors streamline and present safe and appropriate care options to simplify difficult decisions for each situation.

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What Level of Care Does My Loved One Need?
What Level of Care Does My Loved One Need?

Knowing the level of care needed is the first step to searching for suitable options. Take this quick assessment to get an idea of your or your loved one’s level of care. CarePatrol care discoveries provide an understanding of your specific needs to recommend solutions. Contact your local senior care advisor today to have peace of mind tonight.

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Over 170 Recommended Senior Care Advisors Nationwide

With a remarkable network of 20,000 pre-screened communities and over 170 local senior care advisors, CarePatrol is truly the unrivaled senior care advisor agency in the nation. We’ve personally prescreened each community we recommend and have regular check-ins to understand room availability, pricing changes, and more. In addition, we have a wide network of senior care resources to help the transition into senior care. Our goal is to lessen the stress of making these important decisions.

Find CarePatrol Recommended Senior Communities in Your Area

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Solid Star Rated 10 out of 10 by K.D.

What did you like about your experience with CarePatrol?
CarePatrol made the entire experience so easy. Their expertise paved the way for us. I would recommend CarePatrol to everyone in need of a “Forever Home”.
Solid Star Rated 10 out of 10 by P.B.

What did you like about your experience with CarePatrol?
CarePatrol stayed on the case until we found a location that would accept my husband with the additional care he needed. They are willing to go above and beyond to help the family deal with emotional and stressful situations. I felt I was in good hands at all times.
Solid Star Rated 10 out of 10 by T.C.

What did you like about your experience with CarePatrol?
CarePatrol is extremely knowledgeable and unbias in the presentation of options. They are professional while understanding the difficulties of the situation.
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We Are the Most Trusted Source for Senior Care Solutions, Contact Us Today

Caring for your loved one from the comfort of home is the ideal scenario, but sometimes it’s not that simple. That’s where CarePatrol’s unwavering commitment to your family’s well-being shines through. Our leading senior care advisors understand how to transform uncertainty into assurance, offering personalized compassion and support so you can find the best possible care for your loved one.

Our aim is to unite you with the most suitable senior care options in your area—a place where your loved one can thrive, and you have the solace of knowing you’ve made the right choice. Whether utilizing professionals for home care services or the need to transition into a community, our senior care advisors can assist you. Call CarePatrol today, we’ll be your trusted guide during this life transition and help you make the best decision for your loved one.