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Posts from Paula Sotir
Healthy Eating for Seniors
By CarePatrol of Baltimore Finding it difficult to muster up the energy to cook a healthy,... Read More
Home Care vs Assisted Living: Which is the Right Choice?
By CarePatrol of Baltimore For many people, getting older presents unique challenges, and facing... Read More
How to Celebrate with Your Aging Loved One
By CarePatrol of Baltimore It’s holiday season, and it’s time to start thinking... Read More
How to Convince Your Parents it's Time to Move
By CarePatrol of Baltimore Has Mom or Dad been struggling to get around the home they’ve... Read More
Is Mom Eating Right?
By CarePatrol of Baltimore Mother’s Day is this weekend, and it’s time to ask a very... Read More
Low-Impact Exercise for Seniors
By CarePatrol of Baltimore You may have heard of HIIT workouts, which stands for high-intensity... Read More
Medicare vs Medicaid: Do You Know The Difference?
By CarePatrol of Baltimore If you’re not sure what the distinction is between Medicare and... Read More
New Medicare Cards Will Omit Social Security Number
By CarePatrol of Baltimore Medicare enrollment for 2020 has officially opened, and... Read More
Senior Living and Pets - Plan Ahead!
While pet-friendly senior living may be the answer for some, it doesn’t work for all. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide what to do with your pet. Read More
Senior Safety Tips For The Winter
By CarePatrol of Baltimore With the weather getting colder, it’s important to be prepared... Read More
Seniors & Suicide - Let's Talk About It!
By CarePatrol of Baltimore You’ve raised your children and now you are caring for your... Read More
Seniors & Addictions
By CarePatrol of Baltimore As a country, we are talking a lot about the epidemic of opioid use... Read More
What is Dementia?
By CarePatrol of Baltimore Have you noticed your mom or dad forgetting little things here or... Read More
Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs More Help
By CarePatrol of Baltimore Is your parents’ home messier than usual? If so, take a closer... Read More
When is Aging in Place Wrong?
By CarePatrol of Baltimore Studies indicate over 80% of seniors want to spend the rest of their... Read More
Baby Boomers - By the (Really Big) Numbers!
By CarePatrol The Baby Boomer generation is defined as people born between 1946 and 1964. Over... Read More

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