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Beverley Lubbe

Executive Assistant
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Beverley grew up in Zimbabwe, and she has lived in Kenya, South Africa and Zaire as well.   During this time of moving from one continent to another, she took care of her mother, at home, for many years.  In 2019, she completed writing a book of her memoirs.  It tells the story of her life in Africa and the  challenges of immigrating to the United States with a family of six.
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Spotlight On Beverley Lubbe

Years In Area:

Beverley has been in the Atlanta area for over 20 years.

About Beverley:

Her  faith in God is deep, trusting Him with all that He has provided, through her life and travels.

Before CarePatrol:

Beverley was a Flight Attendant with Delta Connection for 14 years.  It was a career she loved, especially the interaction and connection required to take care of the customers' needs.  

Favorite Movie:

When relaxing, Bev likes to watch series, like The Crown and  movies akin to James Bond, or Ford versus Ferrari.  She enjoys going to race meets, where she watches her fiance speed around the track, in a hand-built Austin Healey Sprite.  

Why I Do This

She obtained her certification as a CNA in 1997 and has had experience doing home health care,  for private patients.  She truly enjoys helping others, which includes being able to make life less of a challenge, when you have others to walk with you on the journey.  Her being part of Care Patrol allows her to do just that, help others through life's changes.   

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