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CarePatrol of Bellevue-Eastside
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Dee Epperson

Marketing and Communications Administrator
Owner Placeholder

"Families know they can trust me because I am trustworthy."

Dee considers herself having a heart for aiding seniors and their families during a time when many emotional and practical issues must be considered. She listens carefully to all of her client's needs, concerns and preferences before recommending appropriate levels of care such as:  Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care or In-Home Care. Dee went through the same daunting experience recently when she helped find care for a friend's loved one in Seattle.  This experience gave her the passion that she has today to help families.

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Owner Placeholder

Spotlight On Dee Epperson

Years In Area:

Dee has been in the Seattle area for over 20 years and enjoys the water, mountains, greenery and overall beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

About Dee:

Dee enjoys spending quality time and making memories with her family and friends. One of her favorite things to do every week is to share conversations with the elderly loved ones in her life. She especially loves to hear them talk about their lives and she relishes in the wisdom that they impart. When Dee is not working, she enjoys volunteering, long walks, travel and live entertainment.

Before CarePatrol:

Prior to CarePatrol, Dee worked in and built meaningful working relationships in various industries for over 20 years.

Best Traits:

Dee would describe herself as kind-hearted, empathetic and compassionate.

Favorite Movie:

Dee likes suspenseful movies.

Favorite Book:

Love You Forever

Why I Do This

When Dee helps families, she feels wonderful.

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David Lepsig
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Diane Lepsig
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