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Posts from Eric Klein
“My Wife is Having an Affair”
When Russ called my CarePatrol office, he was in tears. His daughter had given him my name, and told him I could help him with the problems he was experiencing.
An Uncomfortable Conversation with Mom
When Roberta reached out to my CarePatrol office, she felt abandoned by her family and needed help. Her husband was the backbone of her family, and he had recently passed away from cancer. Read More
Finding Holiday Cheer in Assisted Living
When Shirley reached out to my CarePatrol office in the fall, her husband had recently died and she was struggling to make life work on her own. Read More
Time Flies When Life Happens
When Gwen reached out to my CarePatrol office, she needed help with her parents. She was an accomplished attorney, mother of 3, soccer coach, wife, and all around strong and established woman. She told me that managing criminal trials, screaming soccer parents, and a police officer husband had nothing on dealing with her dad’s dementia. Read More
Weekend Wisdom from One Of My Seniors
Aging and finding appropriate care in today’s environment can be complicated. When I spend time with seniors, helping them navigate the senior living process, they often benefit from my valuable insight into the care and conditions at various assisted living and memory care communities in our area. As I learn about their care needs, finances and social concerns, I often learn more life lessons from them than they learn from me. One weekend, I spent time with a gentleman named Karl. He gave me some gems that are very insightful into the aging process: Read More
Senior vs Teen
Many of us that work remotely these days make Panera and Starbucks our office. I’ve had some very productive meetings over a Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew or Panera Mediterranean Bowl. Last month, a chance encounter at a lunch meeting resulted in a very unlikely friendship. Read More
Avoiding Conflict with Aging Parents
One night I received a call from a daughter that was struggling to find care for her parents. She had been doing an excellent job scheduling their doctor appointments, managing their medications, shopping for groceries, preparing weekly meals, washing laundry, and maintaining their home. Now, she was burnt out. Read More
My Life is a Junk Drawer
Marcy called my CarePatrol office about her husband Marvin. He had dementia, and she wanted to know about assisted living options “for when he gets really bad.” Marvin’s Alzheimer’s was affecting his short-term memory and ability to have meaningful conversations. Read More
When Home is a Vulnerable Place
By CarePatrol CarePatrol is committed to helping families stay safe, whether it be at home... Read More
I've Got Dementia and These are my Family Rules
When Penny received her dementia diagnosis, she realized there may be a rough road ahead. The dementia journey can be challenging, and she immediately reached out to my CarePatrol office to put a plan in place for her future care needs. Penny had a unique self-awareness and ability to express herself. She was also aware of how others around her responded to her diagnosis. Our exchanges over the next few months were a fascinating insight into the early stages of dementia. Read More
“Caregiving Stinks”
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore When we exchange vows and state “in sickness and in... Read More
We Help Seniors Celebrate the Joy in Life and Find Solutions for the Suffering
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Working with seniors every day means I get to meet some... Read More
Searching For Senior Care May Affect Your Job Performance
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Finding care for an aging parent is a noble... Read More
Mourning the Death of a Spouse
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore When a spouse dies, your world changes. After the... Read More
Isolation for Seniors May Trigger Rapid Declines in Health
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Prior To COVID-19, David and his wife were managing the... Read More
Will Mom Be Safe in Assisted Living?
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Assisted Living is a unique blend of health care and... Read More
Our Spirits Are Strong
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Throughout the virus crisis, CarePatrol has had many... Read More
The Senior Care Industry - Things I Know and Things I Don't Know
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Things I don’t know: • What the senior... Read More
Today Was a Sad Day
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Stay-at-home orders in Illinois are in place through the... Read More
Are You Scared?
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore A daughter called our CarePatrol office in... Read More

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