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Kisha Steineger

Senior Care Consultant
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Kisha is grateful for the opportunity to help seniors and their families tackle the often times daunting task of finding a safe and appropriate new living situation.  She understands that there are emotional factors involved and many times it is difficult for families to even know what it is that they are looking for and the right questions to ask.  She will be there to guide you along the path, and you can always trust that she has your loved ones’ best interests at heart.                            

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Spotlight On Kisha Steineger

Years In Area:

Kisha is originally from Denver, CO, and although she moved to Kansas City as a child the mountains will always hold a special place in her heart. She moved to Lawrence, KS in 2002 and fell in love with the unique attributes and opportunities the community has to offer.

About Kisha:

Kisha attended the University of Kansas and has a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in philosophy. She spent several years in the service industry and also working for a labor union before discovering her niche with seniors. In addition to her work life, Kisha enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her cats. She loves to be outdoors and has a passion for canyoneering, triathlons, travel and Thai food.

Before CarePatrol:

Kisha discovered her passion for working with seniors when she was an in-home care consultant for over 5 years with a locally owned company. She was a shy child, but after spending many evenings and weekends working in various restaurants she certainly got over that!

Best Traits:

Kisha is loyal, patient, empathetic and driven by a deep sense of inner morality. She believes that you can change someone’s entire life by a kind word or action, and she hopes to make a positive difference every day.

Favorite Movie:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Favorite Book:

The Passage

Why I Do This

Kisha believes that working with seniors is both an honor and an incredible privilege. She spent several years living with her grandparents as a young child, and not only did she develop a deep bond with them, she learned to harbor a great respect for their generation. There is so much that seniors have to teach us about life, love and happiness.

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Meda Green
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