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CarePatrol of Western Michigan - Grand Rapids East
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Melanie Lockerby

Care Transition Manager
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Melanie considers herself blessed to be able to help seniors and their families navigate the often times challenging process of finding the best possible senior living scenarios.  She assesses carefully to all of her client's needs, concerns and preferences before recommending appropriate levels of care such as:  Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care or In-Home Care. Melanie went through the same daunting experience recently when she helped find care for a family member in Jackson.  This experience gave her the passion that she has today to help families.

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Spotlight On Melanie Lockerby

Years In Area:

Melanie grew up in Leslie, Michigan surrounded by her family. She moved to Western Michigan in 2012, and fell in love with the area and people.

About Melanie:

Melanie has dedicated her life to helping seniors for the last fifteen years. She has gained knowledge and learned of resources to help families meet their loved ones' needs. Melanie has gone through the process of placing her father in senior care and knows how stressful the situation can be. She is now using her knowledge and personal experience to guide families through the challenging process.

Before CarePatrol:

Prior to CarePatrol, Melanie had a 15-year career in the home-care industry working in Management, Business Dvelopment, and Marketing.

Best Traits:

Melanie would describe herself as compassionate, caring and thoughtful.

Favorite Movie:


Favorite Book:

Memoirs of a Geisha

Why I Do This

Melanie is excited to serve the families in need of services and support. Being able to offer the knowledge and experience to guide a family through the process is a rewarding feeling. Helping eliminate the stress of an otherwise difficult situation, fills her with gratitude to be able to work for CarePatrol.

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