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CarePatrol of West Michigan Lakeshore
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Sheri Keyes-Swartz

Senior Care Consultant
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"Families know they can trust me because I assist families to find the best care for their needs."

Sheri considers herself blessed to be able to help seniors and their families navigate the often times challenging process of finding the best possible senior living scenarios.  She listens carefully to all of her client's needs, concerns and preferences before recommending appropriate levels of care such as  Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care or In-Home Care. Sheri went through the same daunting experience recently when she helped find care for a friend's loved one in Holland.  This experience gave her the passion that she has today to help families.

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Spotlight On Sheri Keyes-Swartz

Years In Area:

Sheri has lived in Hamilton, MI for over 10 years and enjoys being near Lake Michigan.

About Sheri:

Sheri is happily married with one son and a dog. She is originally from Wisconsin and remains close with her extended family. When Sheri is not helping families, she enjoys kayaking, camping, biking, being outdoors and watching sporting events.

Before Carepatrol:

Prior to CarePatrol, Sheri had a career as a Community Liaison and Dementia Practitioner for over 10 years.

Best Traits:

Sheri would describe herself as friendly, supportive and caring.

Favorite Movie:

The Princess Bride

Favorite Book:

Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

Why I Do This

When Sheri helps families she feels uplifted.