Alarming Myths About Senior Living


It is human nature to believe myths about senior living, but it can also lead to needless worry and hinder positive aging and safety.  After working with thousands of families we collected some common ones that often start from a false perspective about aging. “To be old is to be sick” ignores the huge improvement in rates of chronic disease and disability. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” does not account for the high degree of neuroplasticity human brains have. “The horse is out of the barn” ignores payoffs from healthier lifestyles.

  • Moving into senior living will cause me to lose my independence.
  • Talking with my family about this will only alarm them.
  • The government will take care of my estate.
  • Medicare will pay for all my long-term care needs.
  • People lose their memory as they age.
  • I’m not well, so exercise is a NO-NO.
  • It’s best that I wait until I can’t care for myself.
  • Using a walker only makes me dependent.
  • The food is bound to be terrible.
  • I don’t need my vision and hearing checked annually.
  • There won’t be anything to do in these places.
  • People become less productive and creative as they age.
  • I can’t take my pets with me in senior living.
  • Falling happens to other people, not me.
  • Communities are more expensive than homecare.
  • All communities are the same.
  • Frailty can’t be reversed with exercise and nutrition.
  • Senior living is only for old people.

All these myths are not true, but may fit your perspective. If they do, give us a call for a free tour of the “right places” for your personalized needs and wants. Being productive again and safe living is often attitudinal. Life experiences and expertise can be important to others. Positive lifestyle changes –  socially, behaviorally, and physically, often make an enormous difference in daily life. Reduce the worry for you and your children by having a plan that uses real facts, not false myths.

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