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The concept of time means our lifespan will continue to be measured in years, days, and months, but aging is a totally separate subject.  In 1513,  Ponce de Leon showed up in Florida looking for the fountain of youth, and many before and after him also sought the elusive ability to get younger. Transparency Market Research says the anti-aging industry totals over $2 BILLION worldwide. This article is not about looking younger, it is about your ability to have a quality life and extend your longevity as a result. It can start today.

Program your vision of getting older, regardless of your number of years on earth. A Yale study found aging well translated into seven more years, primarily from attitude and lifestyle changes. That is the alternative to aging, embracing the additional time for a purpose. A traditional lifestyle in the USA has a career followed by retirement. IF retirement removes your purpose for being, reduces your social involvements, and does not include MORE exercise and nutritional focus, it can be viewed as a contagious disease.

Vitality, purpose, fulfillment, goals, movement, and wellness is attitudinal. Using the knowledge and maturity you’ve achieved to help others, gets included in the recognition of more value, not diminished physical or cognitive ability. How you look and feel and the environment you choose to be in is the key. Ageism includes a negative self-perception as well as negative stereotypes from others. Ingrained beliefs affect how our bodies react to the world around us as well. A false belief that youthfulness is better can result in self-sabotaging daily activities.

A recent study from The Gerontologist claims ageism adds $63 BILLION to healthcare expense in the country each year.  Being discriminated against due to age can be as subtle as being talked down to or being denied investigative procedures that could help avoid diseases.  A holistic view of our daily life includes spiritual, mental, physical, housing, nutrition, recreation, and transportation. The mundane activities of cleaning, laundry, cooking, yardwork, repairs, and driving back and forth to various doctor’s appointments do not help.

Thriving can best be achieved with a plan to address all of life’s challenges and joys, regardless of your number of years on the planet. An entire industry has sprung up in the past few decades to provide environments for thriving. Independent Living handles all the mundane activities giving you time to do what is really important. For those whose bodies require some assistance with activities of daily living, Assisted Living Communities create cruise-ship type atmospheres and add hands-on help as needed. Your CarePatrol advisor can show you locations appropriate for an alternative to aging.


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