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What is Elder Abuse and What if I Suspect It?
With the senior population growing, the need for care is also increasing.  Chronic health... Read More
How We Can Identify and Minimize the Blues as a Caregiver for a Loved One
Looking after the care needs of a loved one can take a toll on one’s own health and... Read More
3 Reasons Seniors Thrive in Assisted Living
It is no secret that seniors want to stay in their homes as long as possible. Varying articles... Read More
Being a Caregiver for a Grandparent Has a Unique Set of Trials
 We don’t often think of the grandchildren being caregivers for their grandparents, but... Read More
Top 10 Dollar-Pinching Retiree Strategies
As a retiree, these are the days that you have been waiting for. You have likely envisioned... Read More
Assisted Living: I’m Moving In, Now What Should I Bring?
Now that the big decision is made, what should you take? Most people say to take the items... Read More
Finding Confidence with an Aging Mind and Body
 The message from society is pervasive. Fight aging and stay young. But that’s not a... Read More
Pets and Seniors
Pets are a longstanding tradition among Americans – dogs, cats, birds, even fish. Having... Read More
Assisted Living and the Visually Impaired Senior
Many physical changes occur as a person ages – hearing loss, limited mobility, visual... Read More
Heart Attacks in the Elderly: Warnings and Contributors
The heart is the most important muscle in the human body. It is very complex and reveals how... Read More
How to Ease a Loved Ones Transition into their New Home
 After investing time visiting different communities, getting answers to all your questions,... Read More
Is That a Bedsore? Uggh!
Identifying and Treating Our bodies were designed to move! Without even thinking about it, we... Read More
Tips for Having the Talk
Many conversations throughout life make us uncomfortable. The first time you had to tell your... Read More
Tips for Moving Loved Ones into Assisted Living
After all the research, tours, and talking with loved ones you are now ready to help them move into... Read More
Where Do I Start? Options for Senior Living in Central Ohio
The elderly can have many different needs ranging from physical, medical, social and financial, to... Read More
3 Reasons Why Moving Into Assisted Living Is The Right Choice
Moving yourself or a loved one into an assisted-living facility can be a tough decision. For those... Read More
Is Dehydration Danger More Prominent Among Seniors?
Everyone loves spring and summer. Rising temperatures, sun-drenched days, and a plethora of outdoor... Read More
Your Feet Are Key to Senior Health and Mobility
You may not realize it, but foot health is a vital part of your overall ability to stay active and... Read More
Non-Typical Types of Dementia
Most of us are at least vaguely familiar with Alzheimer’s disease. We would associate losing... Read More
“Sundowners” and How to Decrease their Troubling Effects on the Elderly
If you have a loved one in your life with dementia of any type, Sundowners may be familiar to... Read More

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