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Tips on Improving Communication with your Parent's Medical Team
1. Do the Legal Paperwork Give the doctor copies of your parent's signed health care proxy... Read More
5 Questions to Ask to know if Senior Living is Right for You
In my business, I hear it all the time. I’m not old enough for a nursing home; I’m not... Read More
Finding Help – A Partner in Navigating Senior Health
There was a news story that came out of WPCO in Cincinnati, Ohio earlier in July 2018. Reporters... Read More
Planning for the Future
If people were surveyed, I suspect most would want to die in their sleep. It seems like such a... Read More
Guide to Respite Care
As a family caregiver, there will be times when the stress of life becomes overwhelming. You are... Read More
Senior Living and Pets
Recently, I've had a few families reach out with concerns about a senior loved one who needs... Read More
So, What Exactly is Memory Care?
A couple of weeks ago I had a client tell me that her mom had dementia and that she wanted her to... Read More
Which Senior Living/Care Option is the Best? It really depends...
As a local senior living and care expert in the Fox Cities, people like to ask me which facility or... Read More
Benefits for Michigan Veterans
In 2014, the US Census Bureau stated there were 21.8 million veterans in the United States, which... Read More
Why Move to Assisted Living When I Can Just Have Home Care Come to My House?
Having a caregiver come to their home is the perfect solution for many seniors needing some... Read More
What are Guardians and Conservators?
As our loved ones get older, they sometimes lose the ability to take care of themselves, both in... Read More
Risk Factors for Dehydration in Later Life
Amy Blackburn, Gerontologist When water loss exceeds water intake, the result is dehydration.... Read More
The Medicaid Spend Down is the Best Kept Secret in Houston
The money that the government was providing for retirement was for being self-sufficient and making... Read More
Unavoidable vs. Preventable Physical Changes that Accumulate and Interact in the Aging Adult
Amy Blackburn, Gerontologist Introduction Physical changes that occur with aging fall into... Read More
Baby Boomers - By the (Really Big) Numbers!
The Baby Boomer generation is defined as people born between 1946 and 1964. Over the course of... Read More
8 Mistakes Families Make When Looking For Senior Care
Searching for assisted living or residential care by yourself can be an eye-opening experience for... Read More
Depression and Physical Activities in Older Adults
Amy Blackburn, Gerontologist Introduction Depression can affect up to 25% of the elderly... Read More
Determining When a Loved One Requires Assisted Care
Suggesting moving into an assisted living to an aging parent, family member or even your spouse can... Read More
Helping Your Loved One Adjust To Assisted Living
Moving a parent or loved one into an assisted living residence or an adult care home is a stressor... Read More
Knowing When To Get Help For Your Loved One With Dementia
It’s not always obvious when to ask for help, or when to make changes to the care that the... Read More

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