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Top 5 "Sensory Gifts" for Granny
By CarePatrol of Rancho Cucamonga-West Covina  Buying a gift for Granny doesn’t have... Read More
Touring Senior Living Communities With the Senior - Good or Bad Idea?
By CarePatrol of Western Michigan-Grand Rapids East The search for independent living, assisted... Read More
CarePatrol Announces Care Collaboration with Kindred At Home
By CarePatrol CarePatrol is the nation’s largest Senior Placement organization helping... Read More
Can Exercise Help Mend An Aging Heart?
By CarePatrol Research has found that it is never too late to help make a senior’s heart... Read More
Long Distance Caregiving is Challenging but Possible When You Follow These Tips.
By CarePatrol  If you are anything like me you left home as soon as you graduated from... Read More
Help for the Vision Impaired in Michigan
By CarePatrol of Western Michigan-Grand Rapids East There is a famous quote attributed to... Read More
What Does Assisted Living Cost in Utah and How to Pay For it?
By CarePatrol of Utah The most common question we get from families is "how much does... Read More
CarePatrol Partners with LifeGuides™ To Help Families Through the Process of Caring Transitions
By CarePatrol Helping a loved one through the aging process can be challenging.  However,... Read More
If You're an Older Driver and Aren’t Talking Safety, You Should Be
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities According to AAA, nearly 83 percent of older drivers report never... Read More
Four Steps to Determining What you Can Afford for Assisted Living
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities When we first start working with families and seniors, the first... Read More
Five Things You Need to Know About Advanced Healthcare Directives
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities Whenever you go to the doctor’s office, they ask about your... Read More
5 Questions to Ask to know if Senior Living is Right for You
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities In my business, I hear it all the time. I’m not old enough for... Read More
Finding Help – A Partner in Navigating Senior Health
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities There was a news story that came out of WPCO in Cincinnati, Ohio... Read More
Planning For The Future
By CarePatrol of Western Michigan-Grand Rapids East If people were surveyed, I suspect most... Read More
Guide to Respite Care
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities  As a family caregiver, there will be times when the stress of... Read More
Senior Living and Pets
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities Recently, I've had a few families reach out with concerns about... Read More
So, What Exactly Is Memory Care?
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities A couple of weeks ago I had a client tell me that her mom had... Read More
Which Senior Living/Care Option is the Best? It Really Depends...
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities As a local senior living and care expert in the Fox Cities, people... Read More
Benefits for Michigan Veterans
In 2014, the US Census Bureau stated there were 21.8 million veterans in the United States, which... Read More
Why Move to Assisted Living When I Can Just Have Home Care Come to My House?
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities Having a caregiver come to their home is the perfect solution for... Read More

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