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Horror Stories Out Of Florida
By CarePatrol The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the participants, but these... Read More
Working to Help Keep Seniors Safe
By CarePatrol of Charlotte CarePatrol of Charlotte has been serving seniors of the... Read More
Alzheimer’s or Dementia?
Dementia is a general term, not a specific disease, associated with the decline in mental... Read More
Medicare: What You Need To Know
By CarePatrol Medicare is health insurance for Americans who are 65 and older, under 65... Read More
Online Placement Agencies...This is How it Works
By CarePatrol In today’s day & age, it’s natural to research... Read More
Senior Care and Medication Management
By CarePatrol Proper medication management in the elderly population can bring years of... Read More
What is Assisted Living?
By CarePatrol Assisted living is appropriate when a loved one requires assistance... Read More
What is Home Care?
By CarePatrol One thing that we all have in common is that when hospitalized or... Read More
What is Home Health?
By CarePatrol Home health provides intermittent nursing services and therapies to... Read More
What is Hospice?
By CarePatrol The healthcare community is making a concerted effort to educate patients,... Read More
What is Independent Living?
By CarePatrol When seniors are contemplating downsizing and simplifying their lives,... Read More
By CarePatrol Memory care is a long-term care solution that offers specialized... Read More
What is Palliative Medicine?
By CarePatrol Palliative Medicine is a newer care option in our area that is becoming... Read More
What is Respite Care?
By CarePatrol Respite care provides the primary caregiver/family a short-term break so they... Read More
Twenty Fun Things To Do With Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
By CarePatrol of San Mateo County For most people, the winter season is filled with parties to... Read More
My Brain Is Falling Apart
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore When we bring families together to talk about next steps in... Read More
What Is The Leading Cause Of Injuries In Seniors?
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore I received the call from Joe's daughter that he had... Read More
What to Look for When You Are Home for the Holidays
By CarePatrol of San Mateo County The holidays: a time for reminiscing and spending time with... Read More
Beware of Caregiver Burnout
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore A call came into our Care Patrol office from a frustrated... Read More
Focusing On Fitness Brings Worthwhile Rewards
By CarePatrol of West Michigan Lakeshore   We all know a friend with an active... Read More

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