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How Can Medicare Affect Senior Housing?
The Medicare program has been affected the past few years by the implementation of The Affordable... Read More
Should an Elderly Loved One Move in With You?
We are a country in which it has been common for family members to move in together.  But,... Read More
Siblings in Denial
It is common for family caregivers to experience some denial on the part of siblings as to the... Read More
Talking To Your Parents About The Need For Assisted Living
Ask anyone of retirement age about their preference for home or community-based living as they age,... Read More
Technology in Senior Care
Technology has begun to make the world a smaller place.  Today, social media platforms, email,... Read More
The Power of an Hour
The first hour after a traumatic injury, heart attack, or a stroke is often called the golden hour.... Read More
8 Top Mobility Tools for the Aged People in 2019
No one can stop the time counter of life. We all are bound to grow old. The old age comes with its... Read More
How To Help When Someone Is Suffering
When the spouse that was also a caregiver dies, the surviving spouse often requires help finding a... Read More
Worried About a Family Member's Driving?
A client recently asked, "When is it time for my husband to give up driving?" Giving up... Read More
What is a Competent Caregiver?
Hospitals and rehabs discharge seniors to the family but are required to ensure the discharge is... Read More
Dad is Allowed to Make “Stupid” Decisions!
My Care Patrol Office received a call from a frustrated daughter, stating that her dad was... Read More
CarePatrol of Western Michigan Receives TrustPilot Award of Excellence
CarePatrol of Western Michigan received the 2018 TrustPilot Brand Recognition Award of Excellence... Read More
Post-Retirement Planning
The average American retires at age 62 with an average length of retirement of 13 years.  When... Read More
Aging…The Circle of Life
We love this poem written by Donald Loudon. The first stanza of the poem says: The circle of life... Read More
Understanding Eldercare Payer Sources
Americans are eligible for Medicare the month they turn 65.  Many have a false impression of... Read More
What Exactly is Assisted Living?
When the parents of the Baby Boomer generation were raising their families, the average lifespan... Read More
DEHYDRATION - An Epidemic?
A recent emergency room survey found that 68% of all visits came from seniors 75 years and older.... Read More
Florida Hospital Giving Away Thousands in Healthcare
 Ben Franklin offered us a piece of wisdom with the quote “A penny saved is a penny... Read More
Alternatives to Aging
The concept of time means our lifespan will continue to be measured in years, days, and months, but... Read More
Alarming Myths About Senior Living
It is human nature to believe myths about senior living, but it can also lead to needless worry and... Read More

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