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How Can Exercise Increase Quality of Life?
 As we age, the importance of staying healthy becomes more and more acute. It is true that... Read More
Planning Advice for Taking Care of a Senior in Your Home
Opening your house for a parent or other loved one to stay with you either short-term or long-term... Read More
Board and Care Homes – a Great Option for Seniors
For seniors who prefer to live in a smaller setting, a board and care home may be a good option.... Read More
Medicaid Planning
If you could get the state to pay for caring for your elderly parents, would you choose to? An... Read More
Choosing the Right Primary Care Doctor that Specializes in Senior Care
Finding the right primary care doctor for your senior loved one can be overwhelming. Further... Read More
Engaging in Inter-generational Relationships
The older generation has contributed so much to society.  An elder person can be a friend, a... Read More
Holiday Visits When Your Loved One is in Assisted Living
Assisted living communities typically allow family members to visit their loved ones at any time,... Read More
Why NOW is the Best Time to Consider Assisted Living
Aging is happening to all of us every day. What we don’t realize is that, as we continue to... Read More
Documents of Aging
Our lives start with a single document and increase throughout life until the documents of aging... Read More
Can Guilt Be Dealt With?
Guilt is a common emotion that Wikipedia calls "a cognitive experience that a person has when... Read More
The Payback Decade
For most people, the decade between age 75 and 85 is when the body communicates that it is payback... Read More
Could Common Germs Be Tied to Alzheimer's?
Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms, Risk, Treatment Close to 6 million Americans now have... Read More
What Does Medicare Help Cover?
Medicare is a program the federal government uses for citizens 65 years and older (or disabled) to... Read More
Waiting Too Long Before Considering Retirement Community Options is an Avoidable Mistake
Betty Smith thought she had time. There was no rush to begin looking at retirement communities... Read More
One Phone Call
By Roni Archer I’ve been working with CarePatrol of Greater Houston for almost a year.... Read More
What is the Difference Between Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, and Home Care?
How many of you have heard your parents say “I’m not going to a home!” What they... Read More
Safer Living Solutions
At CarePatrol, we represent the private pay options for seniors who need a safer living solution.... Read More
When is Aging in Place Wrong?
Studies indicate over 80% of seniors want to spend the rest of their life in their home, a concept... Read More
Tips for Conducting a Family Meeting
Planning for Your Loved One’s Future Have you decided it’s time for a serious family... Read More
Caregivers and Families: Spring is Here and it’s Time to Clean!
We are reaching the time of year when our cabin fever is breaking. We are peeking our heads out... Read More

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