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Part 2: Signs You Should Consider a LTCC
Senior care is a large and growing concern. The leading edge of the baby boom generation is in...
Some Elder Advice for The New Year Ahead
With Christmas 2019 just passed and a bright new year of 2020 before us, it seems appropriate... Read More
Is Dark Chocolate Really a Heart-Smart Food Choice?
Few among us can resist a gooey dessert or tasty chocolate bar. Rumor has it that chocolate is a... Read More
Laughter is the Best Medicine
Life throws many stressors our way, posing a constant challenge for our mental... Read More
Assisted Living Is the Safer Option
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of our daily lives in many ways, but seniors have been... Read More
Community Partnering During the COVID Crisis
Michael Mithen of CarePatrol Oakland County was alerted to the increased frequency of... Read More
Senior Living Communities in the Future
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented times for us all. While the end of this era is... Read More
In Times Of Trouble, Where You Run Is Where You Trust
I received a call from a distraught family whose mom was struggling with advanced dementia and... Read More
Safer At Home Or At A Care Facility During COVID-19?
The headlines are frightening: Descriptions of nursing homes across the country hit with a... Read More
We Are a Team
In spite of what we see in the news reports, healthcare workers in the senior care industry are... Read More
Have You Experienced Any of These Symptoms Working in a Healthcare Environment?
Please take this simple test: Have you have asked yourself any of these... Read More
Keeping Seniors "Connected"
Now more than ever we need to check on seniors in our communities. We need social... Read More
CarePatrol’s Urgent Mission: Find The Best Beds For Seniors Who Are Not In A Hospital
Not long ago, nobody had even heard of COVID-19. Today, however, it is a global reality and a... Read More
Celebrate The Good Happening All Around Us
Healthcare heroes are dedicating everything they have to keep us safe. And when they put out a... Read More
Protect Our Seniors
During the coronavirus emergency, con artists like to take advantage of seniors when they are... Read More
Where Can Seniors Safely Go After Being Discharged from Healthcare Facilities?
PHOENIX, April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire  CarePatrol, the nation's largest senior placement... Read More
Sarasota CarePatrol Serving Seniors with On-line Shopping Pilot Program
With our never-ending dedicated efforts to serve seniors, our team is here for you during this... Read More
We Are All In This Together for Safety and Health
During the COVID-19 crisis and always... For nearly 7 years, CarePatrol of... Read More
COVID-19 and CarePatrol
In the midst of the coronavirus scare, seniors are still facing transitions of care. How is... Read More
Welcome to February, the Month of Love & Caregiver Appreciation
National Caregivers Day falls on February 21, 2020, for the new year, 1-week after... Read More

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