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The Time is Now: Preparing for the Costs of Aging
Did you know? The cost of care tends to increase as one ages due to a variety of factors, including the potential for declining health, increased medical needs, and a greater reliance on assistance for daily activities.
What to Look for When Visiting an Aging Parent
Visiting loved ones as they age can be a deeply meaningful experience, but it also comes with a responsibility to ensure their well-being. During these visits, it's essential to be observant and proactive in assessing their physical, emotional, and cognitive health. Read More
Healthy Aging: When Is it Time to Hang Up the Keys?
As a loved one ages, concerns about their ability to continue driving safely may arise. For many of us, driving symbolizes freedom and independence. However, it's essential to acknowledge promptly that the abilities of an aging adult can change, affecting their overall safety on the road. Read More
Mindful Aging: Keeping Your Brain Sharp
Did you know? Our brains get much of their power from 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons, that control reading, remembering, deciding, moving and other activities that involve thinking and planning. Read More
Welcome to My Care Advisors!
Tune In! My Care Advisors Podcast is here! CarePatrol is excited to announce the launch of our... Read More
Having ‘The Talk’: How Siblings Can Navigate Assisted Living Conversations
In the journey of discussing assisted living options with aging parents or loved ones, the involvement of siblings or family caregivers can significantly influence the process. Read More
Dispelling Assisted Living Myths
Assisted living is part of a continuum of long-term care services that provides a combination of housing, personal care services, and health care support services. Read More
Therapy Solutions No Matter the Location
For older adults recovering from an injury, surgery or illness, there are various therapy services that can support them throughout the process in order to ensure the best health outcomes. Read More
Easing the Transition to Assisted Living
Moving out of the family home and into an assisted living community may not be the easiest of transitions. For older adults who've spent decades living at the same address, relocating can be difficult and stressful. However, there are ways for loved ones to help minimize the stress of the move. Read More
When is the Right Time to Consider Assisted Living?
Life can change in a moment, and determining when to move from home or independent living to an assisted living community can be overwhelming. This difficult situation may be lessened by starting the conversation early and often talking about what’s coming down the road for an aging loved one. Read More
Three Decades of Family Caregiving Support
For our 30th episode, we celebrate CarePatrol’s 30th year of supporting older adults and their family members to navigate care solutions. Founded in 1993 by a social worker after observing the personal trauma experienced by a family whose loved one had been placed in the wrong type of facility, CarePatrol became the pioneer organization whose core values are dedicated to being a comprehensive personal service and valuable resource for families during the placement of a loved one. Read More
Navigating Family Disagreements when Caring for an Aging Parent
Issues and stress can develop among adult siblings when caring for a parent or an elderly loved one. Read More
Jumpstart to Downsizing
Downsizing and dismantling a home filled with possessions from the past 20, 30 or 40 years can be emotionally difficult, but having a plan and clear path can help keep the memories and make the transition just a little easier. Read More
The Importance of Estate Planning
Estate planning documents help guide your family members and loved ones to understand and carry out asset disposition and your care and end-of-life wishes. Most importantly, an estate plan can help reduce family burden and stress. While the majority of adults believe estate planning is important, only one-third have actually created one. Read More
Hospice: Myths, Facts & New Options
Did you know that hospice and end-of-life services focus on the care and comfort of individuals who are currently living with a serious illness and choose not to continue treatment? Yet, only half of all Medicare beneficiaries use their hospice benefit. Read More
Paying for Assisted Living
Nearly one million older adults in the U.S. reside in Assisted Living communities, and over half of these residents are aged 85 years or older. Paying to reside in an Assisted Living community is likely a major consideration when selecting the right care solution for yourself or a loved one. If you're struggling to decipher how much assisted living costs, you're not alone. Read More
Aging in Place? Why Home Modifications are Important
Most older adults indicate they would like to remain in their homes as they age. However, they most likely have not considered the modifications needed to ensure their home is suitable for “aging in place.” Listen in as a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist shares her insights on aging in place and how home modifications support safety and independence Read More
The Benefits of a Living Estate Sale
As the baby boomer population continues to age, the need for quick, easy personal property sales continues to escalate, especially when preparing to downsize or move to a senior living community. This time can be a stressful one, particularly when years of saved “treasures” are factored into the equation. Listen in as an Estate Sales professional shares her insights on living estate sales, planning considerations, resources and more. Read More
Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes - What are the Differences?
Along the journey of aging, finding the right care solution can be confusing and overwhelming. Understanding the differences between care settings, including assisted living and nursing homes, can help older adults and caregivers find the right solution to meet their specific needs. Read More
When is the Right Time to Consider Memory Care?
Did you know that approximately 55 million people are living with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other dementias worldwide? For many who are living with AD or dementia, additional care may be needed as the disease progresses to help keep individuals safe. Read More

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