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What Is Transfer Trauma and How To Avoid It
Older adults must sometimes move to a new home to meet their current needs. However, uprooting the...
Help Older Adults Avoid Covid-19 Scams
Many states continue to be ravaged by the coronavirus, with recovery taking longer than two weeks... Read More
In The Time Of Covid, Make Tough Decisions With A Clear Mind. Advance Directives Are More Important Than Ever
Big discussions now save bigger headaches later. Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney,... Read More
Leveraging Expertise In Senior Placement In The Face Of Covid-19
Finding the right placement for a loved one is never an easy task. Emotions, fears, worries, and... Read More
What Is Transfer Trauma And How To Avoid It
Older adults must sometimes move to a new home to meet their current needs. However, uprooting the... Read More
How to Stay Connected With Your Older Loved Ones
Older adults are at high risk for COVID-19 and serious complications. Unfortunately, senior... Read More
Is Assisted Living a Tax Deductible Expense?
The majority of the one million American seniors living in assisted living communities pay the... Read More
Planning the Elder Care Journey
Everyone has a journey. Aging is part of the human experience and we’ve not yet found any... Read More
How to Maximize Long-Term Care Insurance
For many individuals, planning for long-term care arrangements can often take a back seat to... Read More
Protect Our Seniors
During the coronavirus emergency, con artists like to take advantage of seniors when they are... Read More
Home With Family
With an aging population and Medicare rule changes, discharges from hospitals that follow a... Read More
What is an Independent Living facility? I was having a conversation with my kids last... Read More
Be Compassionate To Receive Compassion
In 2014 the California Supreme Court ruled that caregiver Carolyn Gregory could not sue the... Read More
The Benefit of Support Groups For Multiple Sclerosis Patients
You never really think about support groups, that is –until you do. Until you are faced... Read More
2020 Medicaid Guidelines
Our families frequently ask how much money the spouse of a Medicaid recipient can keep for... Read More
How Will We Pay For Assisted Living?
The average cost of assisted living is about $4,500 per month, but can be as low as $1500, or... Read More
Parkinson’s and the Benefits of Exercise
A chronic and progressive movement disorder, usually associated with aging individuals,... Read More
Horror Stories Out Of Florida
The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the participants, but these stories really... Read More
Alzheimer’s or Dementia?
Dementia is a general term, not a specific disease, associated with the decline in mental... Read More
Medicare is health insurance for Americans who are 65 and older, under 65 with certain... Read More

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