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Part of the metamorphosis in USA healthcare is the increased focus on care in the home from medical professionals. Telemedicine, also known as Telehealth, Telecare, mHealth and a number of other names allows tracking specific health aspects from the home. Medicare is expanding the use of telemedicine in 2020 increasing the opportunity for community services to meet the needs of seniors.

For those seniors living in Assisted Living that often need in-person medical services from healthcare professionals, these changes can be liberating. The patient-centered experience coupled with the 24/7 custodial care can increase the applications and device usage where assistance is available. The life-affirming increase in community services is good news for seniors.

As the evolution continues for home-based services, remember that home is where we live. In a mobile society that can be a house the senior owned for years, a retirement condo with warmer weather, or an Assisted Living apartment that provides assistance with any needed activities of daily living, some states allow increasing the amount of nursing care by the senior housing community itself.

2020 will also see increased usage of adult care services, caregiver support services, free or reduced price non-prescription supplements, meal delivery and hearing aid financial assistance with some Advantage plans. While many of these are in their infancy and not available everywhere it points to the future for recognizing the importance of community services in an aging population.

Even with all these changes vulnerable seniors will need advocacy. Choosing the type of Medicare coverage, managing finances, coordinating outing activities and dealing with emergencies can become overwhelming. CarePatrol professionals know the placement of loved ones involve the holistic aspects of family life and know the right connections to make change as stress-free as possible.

Eldercare responsibility can include adult day care, care management, financial assistance, home health services, real estate connections, home health services, legal assistance, nutrition services, respite care, senior housing, transportation and more. It may be new to you, but we work through this with thousands of families. Safer Senior Living. Your Goal, OUR MISSION.

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