Engaging in Inter-generational Relationships


The older generation has contributed so much to society.  An elder person can be a friend, a source of unconditional love, and a resource for learning and exploring. Research also shows that children who have an elder person involved in their life can help navigate life and the world around them, plus give them an appreciation for the aging.

Here are just a few fun ideas for engaging in inter-generational relationships:

Talent Show

A talent show is fun for everyone. Seniors enjoy watching the show play out.   Consider individual talents or do a group performance. Award prizes and encourage voting to make it more fun. Examples of prizes could be most original, best sport, and biggest talent.


Picnic Get Together

Adults and kids alike love to get together for good food and fellowship. Organize a picnic at a local park that is accessible for adults with mobility issues. If the senior is not able to get out because they living in a senior community, organize with staff to have picnic outside in the common green areas.


Lineage Project or Family Tree project

As our seniors age, they become more and more interested in putting together their legacy.   They enjoy reflecting on their life and looking at pictures.   They enjoy talking and writing down their past for future generations.   Seniors also want to understand more about their family tree.   This is a great project that can be done together with the senior and the younger generation. There are several genealogy website and legacy websites that are helpful to get started on the project


Movie Time

Everyone enjoys a good movie. Be creative and make it fun for all generations.   Pick a movie which is timeless, like a classic Disney movie. Consider an outdoor event and rent or borrow a projector and show it against the side of the house or a hung white sheet. If the senior lives in a community, request to rent a common room and show the movie and serve fun snacks for all.


Home upkeep day

Our seniors struggle with the upkeep of their home.   Make it an enjoyable project for all ages and make a day to tackle home repairs and maintenance projects which can be done together as a team and encourage fellowship.

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