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How Will CarePatrol Support Me In My Business?

Leading senior placement franchise offers exceptional ongoing support to the franchise owner.

Are you ready for a career change? CarePatrol is your chance to turn your passion for helping seniors into a business with unlimited growth and earning potential. CarePatrol is the largest senior placement franchise, and since our founding in 1993, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a business that is capable of both financial rewards and personal fulfillment.

Comprehensive and on-going training:

CarePatrol understands that the majority of entrepreneurs interested in owning a business that helps seniors and their families may not have any prior experience in this industry. This lack of experience is not an obstacle, because the only requirement to become an owner of a CarePatrol franchise is the desire to serve others and play a meaningful role in your community. CarePatrol’s intensive training program empowers owners with the skill set needed to grow their businesses over the long-term and make a lasting difference in the communities they serve.

CarePatrol’s training program is one of the most comprehensive in the entire industry. Over the course of 16 consecutive weeks, four stages of training and 4 personal visits to our franchisee’s territories within the first year, our franchisees become the subject-matter experts in their communities.

The ability to offer expert, personalized guidance is what sets CarePatrol apart. When a client needs the services of CarePatrol, they know that their local franchisee will have:

  • In-depth knowledge of the assisted-living facilities in the local area
  • Insight into assisted-living facilities’ track records, level of care, performance reviews and more
  • Ability to help families make informed decisions about where they are placing their loved ones
  • Availability to tour assisted-living facilities with the families to ensure that the families gain confidence in the level of care their loved ones will receive
  • Availability to follow up with the families and the seniors in care to ensure that the facility is meeting their needs

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What will my training consist of?

CarePatrol training consists of a total of 16 weeks, a portion of which is spent at our headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, while the other is completed online.

Here is how our training platform works:

  1. Phase 1You will complete our e-learning program to become a subject-matter expert in senior placement. You will learn the differences in medical options and assisted-living facilities, you will learn what type of care is required for various medical circumstances and you will know how to judge and review assisted-living facilities using our proprietary software. At the end of your e-learning education, you will have graduated from over 160 hours of learning.
  2. Phase 2 You will come to our headquarters for your 2-day Foundation Class, which begins your deep dive into the industry and our business model. You will learn basics in how to negotiate contracts with facilities. After completing the 2-day Foundation Class, a trainer assigned from the home office will visit you in your territory to guide you in contracting with local facilities.
  3. Phase 3 In this 6-week phase, you begin building your network of contracted providers while continuing to complete your e-learning modules before returning to headquarters.
  4. Phase 4 You come back to our headquarters for three days to review all that you have learned online. Over the course these three days, you will learn basics in how to interact with seniors, how to speak to families, where to get clients and how to build a referral base. We will also teach you how to implement what you’ve learned in the real world, how to set goals and surpass them in your business, where to begin marketing and how to begin operating as soon as you get home. You go back to your community and will have your second trainer support visit that will focus on implementing your local marketing plan and opening your business. Over the next six months you will receive two additional training visits to fine tune your skills!

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The learning never ends.

To utilize the significant experience of our franchisees, CarePatrol recently launched our Franchise Business Trainer program. This positions a few of our seasoned franchisees as mentors to help their fellow franchisees succeed. Some franchisees elect to the shadow their mentors in their businesses to develop a hands-on mastery of the business model. Other franchisees ask their mentors to visit them in their locations to better assess the situation of their businesses.

This program is extremely effective. In the case of Mike Awadalla, a relatively new franchisee in Walton Creek, California, this access to a mentor creates the opportunity to learn best practices and solve problems as they arise.

What I love about CarePatrol is that they create a family environment. We have a lot of franchisees in Northern California, and we are extremely close. We meet and exchange information, we help each other in our businesses. I also participate in the Franchise Business Trainer; I have a mentor in my local area who is always willing to help when I need him.