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How Much Money Can I Make?

CarePatrol is a proven business model that attracts entrepreneurs with various business backgrounds.

Are you ready for a career change? CarePatrol is your chance to turn your passion for helping seniors into a business with unlimited growth and earning potential. CarePatrol is the largest senior placement franchise, and since our founding in 1993, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a business that is capable of both financial rewards and personal fulfillment.

The timing to get into CarePatrol has never been better,” says Becky Bongiovanni, Brand President and Co-Founder. “Not only are demographics increasing the demand for our services, but we also believe that the competition in the home placement industry is a healthy sign of the strength of the industry as whole. Not all brands are equal, however, and CarePatrol really is the leader in this segment — and not just because we created it. Over the past 25 years, CarePatrol has done an exceptional job in helping families find the right choice of care for their loved ones. Our emphasis on finding the right franchisees who share our values, as well as on initial and ongoing training, truly sets us apart in the level of expertise we provide to those we serve.

Growth and earning potential.

There is no question that the CarePatrol business model is capable of financial success, although that success is dependent on how closely you follow our business model. In 2022, our top-performing franchisee earned more than $1,289,806 in revenue, and our overall franchisees earned more than $318,363 in revenue.

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The role of a CarePatrol franchise owner.

Our franchisees serve as the CEOs of their own companies, working to build meaningful relationships with the businesses and organizations who need their help. Our business model is all action-based: to generate interest in your business in the crucial months after you open, you need to go out in your community and network extensively. Assisted-living facilities will pay you a commission for referring your clients to their facilities.

Get Referrals

Once an organization refers you to a senior in need, you will use a personalized approach to help families in need. You will review their financial condition to determine what they can afford, as well as take into account what type of care their loved ones need and where they can place their loved one in their local area. This means that you will lead families on tours of facilities. You will provide them with in-depth insight into how the facilities function, as well as the facilities’ history, in order to help the families make the best decision for their loved ones. Most importantly, you do not get paid by the families you help or seniors you help place. This allows you to be a trusted helper in one of the most difficult decisions families ever have to make.

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You will not do this alone.

CarePatrol has national contracts with companies that help you grow your business and earn trust in your community. As part of our training process, members of our executive team fly into your area to introduce you to these companies. Another advantage is our proprietary software, which helps you quickly gather data on local facilities, which is especially important when families need to make the right decision fast.

Our leadership position in this space makes it very advantageous to be a business owner in our model,” LeBlanc says. “We have opened several doors for them, and we have national contractual relationships that help them win business. The primary role of the franchise owner, however, and these are things that we look for, is that they must build the business. They need to be the voice and the face of their CarePatrol franchise in the community. This means they’re out a lot, they’re meeting people, and they may be involved in a number of activities for their referral sources. And then, of course, they’re very involved with families and those elderly folks that they’re dealing with.

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If you have the drive to help others and to take a meaningful role in your community, CarePatrol may be the right franchise opportunity for you.

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