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The CarePatrol Franchise Story

CarePatrol is America’s #1 senior assisted living franchise and the brand that launched the entire senior placement industry.

CarePatrol franchise was founded in 1993 by medical social worker Chuck Bongiovanni after he observed the trauma of a family whose loved one was placed in the wrong type of facility. It became the pioneer organization of the now-thriving senior placement industry. Today, under the careful direction of co-founder, Becky Bongiovanni, we’re helping families make safe choices all over America and are developing our brand with steady and calculated growth to ensure a superior platform for the support of our franchisees nationwide.

We help families every day.

CarePatrol assists seniors and their families with the difficult task of identifying the most appropriate Assisted-Living, Independent Living, Memory Care Community or Residential Care facility in their area. The service is completely free to clients, as our franchisees are paid directly by the thousands of providers in our network. It’s a business in which everyone benefits and feels tremendous satisfaction.

Why choose a senior care franchise?

The senior placement business model has significant advantages over the home-care operations that have become so popular over the past decade. In addition to a much lower initial investment, CarePatrol is a home-based business model that allows you to begin operations quickly.

Unveiling the CarePatrol Story: A Journey to Excellence - 2xlarger_Carepatrol

Built-in brand equity.

Other senior placement brands have arisen in the recent past, but only one has remained true to its founding for 25 years with an impeccable track record and an enormous franchise family of successful entrepreneurs eager to tell their stories. In 2019, our annual convention was attended by 100% of our franchisees in a display of satisfaction and participation that’s not only unmatched in our industry, but almost unheard of anywhere in American franchising.

The future of CarePatrol franchise is bright.

The amount of people who will need the services CarePatrol provides is overwhelming in terms of sheer numbers. It’s an oft-reported fact that 10,000 people are turning 65 every day in the United States, and The Population Reference Bureau reports that by 2060, the senior population will grow to 100 million. While most of us think of that age as the time we get to enjoy retirement, the reality is that a lot of us will face unexpected health challenges that come with the aging process.

CarePatrol empowers seniors and their families to face these challenges by making the best and safest decision on care in their local areas.

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