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What Do Our Franchisees Have to Say?

CarePatrol franchisees open up about what they love about their businesses.

CarePatrol franchise owners get into this business to make a real difference in the lives of seniors and their families, many of whom are in crisis and need to find the best possible care option fast. As the largest senior placement franchise, CarePatrol is the national leader in placing seniors in the assisted-living facilities that are optimally suited for them. On the local level, our franchisees are respected subject-matter experts who go above and beyond to deliver a successful experience for the seniors and families they help.

The results of our efforts are extraordinary. CarePatrol franchisees help tens of thousands of seniors find the facilities they need every year, and they deliver much-needed peace of mind to the families they serve. While the majority of CarePatrol franchisees have no experience in the senior placement industry before opening their businesses, the low costs for entry and our simple business model that emphasizes training, long-term financial growth and community engagement, make CarePatrol the ideal business for entrepreneurs with the desire to serve others and make a difference.

With over 200 locations in more than 35 states, CarePatrol franchisees love what they do, and their support for our collective mission is evident on a daily basis.

In 2017, our franchise conference was attended by 100% of our franchise network, and Franchise Business Review has awarded CarePatrol with their prestigious annual “Franchisee Satisfaction Award” seven years in a row. Most importantly, our franchisees work with our executive team to mentor each other and provide best practices. And because CarePatrol territories are protected, even franchisees in the same geographical areas routinely help each other win business.

This is what our franchisees have to say about why they love their businesses:

Why Franchise with CarePatrol

One of my most important goals when I started CarePatrol is I wanted to find a way to be connected with my community. But, I also had financial goals and I've more than surpassed that goal. It's been amazing and ive been able to do that without sacrificing my personal life. I have time for my family and children. That has actually been enhanced.Michelle Graft

Why our CarePatrol Franchisees Love Doing What They Do

I get to do something every day that I can feel good about. The families are probably going through one of the top three most stressful situations you ever have to deal with in life. The part I love is when you see it in their eyes that you found them a good fit and that they do have a safe option that they didn't know about before. I love it, I've been doing it for 10 years and I’m going to keep doing it.Ron Culyer

Why is CarePatrol More Than A Job?

I have always wanted to serve others and throughout my career have felt that I have always had that purpose in everything that I've done. When it came to choosing CarePatrol it really hit home with me while looking at the challenges that families go through at a time that is so difficult for so many. I see so many families get their loved ones to the wrong places and have to go through the process all over again. I want to do better for families. I don't want people to go through what I've seen my family go through.The reality is that someday I will have some sort of dementia and I want to know that there's somebody out there that can help my family to find the right place, care, and level of support for me.Don & Julie Lewinski

Why our franchisees chose us

I had a personal experience with my grandmother. My grandmother had Alzheimer's and our family was collectively taking care of her. We had no clue where to turn. When this opportunity came up, I had experienced it before and I knew the feelings and the trauma the families were going through. I am now able to be a problem solver for them. I can calm them down and put them at ease and let them know that collectively we will get through this together. We will find a place for mom or dad. When I heard about CarePatrol and the opportunity to own a CarePatrol franchise, and having had that experience. I thought it was the perfect fit for me and it's worked out that way.Jonathan Clark

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