How To Help When Someone Is Suffering


When the spouse that was also a caregiver dies, the surviving spouse often requires help finding a safe living solution.  As CarePatrol Senior Advisors, we find ourselves taking on many rolls beyond helping to place those seniors in assisted living, independent living and memory care.

Demonstrating compassion and understanding in these situations is one of the things we do best. We reach out with a kind word, we sit with grieving family members, we guide, and sometimes we say nothing. Simply being present is often what people value most.

Last night the phone rang at 10pm.  A client needed someone to listen. What can we say in those moments? We shared memories of their good times.  I listened without judging  past behaviors. We got practical – can we get you meals, do you need help with the cat, do you need transportation to the grocery store?  We can’t stop the grieving, but we can help carry the burden. CarePatrol Senior Advisors are always just a phone call away.


About the author
Eric Klein

Senior Care Consultant

CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore

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