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Knowing When To Get Help For Your Loved One With Dementia

It’s not always obvious when to ask for help, or when to make changes to the care that the person with dementia is getting. Providing good care means meeting the needs of the person receiving care. Depending on preferences, needs and abilities, it may be appropriate to look for more assistance, a dementia care plan, or different care choices.

How much care a person needs depends on how independently he or she can walk, eat, use the restroom and bathe.

If you are not sure if it’s time to get additional help, ask yourself a few questions:


Is the person with dementia safe? What type of supervision is necessary? Does the person require supervision for some activities such as cooking or using certain appliances? Does the person need 24-hour supervision or care?


Does the health of the person with dementia require specialized care? Does he or she require help with medications? Is the health of the person with dementia or the health of the caregiver at risk?


Does the person with dementia need more care than he or she is receiving right now? Does the person need help toileting, bathing, dressing or grooming? Is caring for the person becoming difficult for you? Can you physically manage providing the care needed?

Social Engagement

Is the person with dementia engaged in meaningful activities during the day? Would spending time with other people with dementia be beneficial? Does more focus need to be placed on memory care?

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