I recently posted a blog about 5 steps that can be taken in order to prepare for senior living. Since then, I have had a quite a few requests to dive deeper into this conversation, so I will spend some time in my upcoming blogs to go below the surface into each one of the 5 steps. To read the original blog, you can find it here!

How to Recognize What Is Important:

As I’ve mentioned, with preparing senior living arrangements comes the inevitable “lifetime of accumulation.” Things like multiple sets of dinnerware, a garage full of tools, guest rooms that haven’t been used in years, and cars that have been sitting in the garage. This can be very overwhelming to sort through without a plan. What are some practical steps that can be taken to prepare for senior living in regard to downsizing and keeping what’s really important?

  •  Gifting to loved ones – A favorite dinnerware set that shouldn’t go to waste can be gifted to loved ones who may be able to continue to enjoy it! Take the time to start having conversations with those close to the family, creating the opportunity to bless them with valued and sentimental belongings. Perhaps there is a grandchild who has assisted in the cleaning and organizing of the home. This could introduce the possible idea of helping them “earn” an older vehicle sitting in the garage. These things will create lasting memories as well as the enjoyment of their response.

  •  Digitize photos, videos, and important documents – Most people have accumulated a lot of photos and videos over the years, it’s time to get them put into digital format. The easiest way to access to all your memories is to have them on your computer, tablet, or other device. This will save space, while also securing that these memories will last a lifetime. It would be wise to digitize any important documents such as the trust, will, POA and insurance policies. Access to these documents becomes far simpler a task. This also means a good laptop would come in handy, making it easy to transport and use at the senior living community.

  •  Have a big yard sale – Want to boost savings and fun money? Have a yard sale and then have fun with loved ones with the money made! The yard sale can be a family event. Come together on this team experience. This time can be spent sharing memories, laughing, and hopefully spending the weekend together!

  •  Plan the use of the house – Will the house be kept in the family? Could it be gifted? Would it be better to gift cash from selling the house? Perhaps that cash could help pay senior living costs. These are all valid questions. Spend time going through this with loved ones, and plan for an efficient senior living experience.
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