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Send love to a Caregiver on National Call a Friend Day
National Call a Friend Day is a great reminder to take a few minutes to greet a friend, share the love and show support for a caregiver in your life. Read More
Memory Care Support: Working Together to Find the Best Senior Care Solutions
Many times, what may seem like age-related forgetfulness in your older loved one may actually be a serious memory problem that needs professional support. Read More
New Year's Resolutions Bring New Opportunities
With the start of a new year, many take part in a long standing tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions. For some, this means continuing a good practice or changing a behavior. Read More
Does Your Loved One Need Safer Housing Options?
The holiday season may have provided the perfect opportunity to reunite with family members, especially with parents and grandparents. As you reflect on your visit, did you note changes in your loved one’s behavior or living style? Read More
Post Holiday Depression & Seniors
January brings a bit of sadness or depression to many of us, but for seniors it can be even more significant. So how can we, the caregivers, help? Make plans! Read More
#FightFlu This National Influenza Vaccination Week
The colder weather is here and with it the start to Influenza season. National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW) is observed every December as a reminder to get vaccinated against flu to be protected during the season. Read More
Looking for Senior Care Guidance? Our E-book Has You Covered
When it comes to senior care and living options, the process of finding the right one can feel overwhelming for everyone involved. At CarePatrol, we believe in focusing on the needs of each individual to ensure the best quality of care and quality of life. Read More
Talking to Mom About Assisted Living
Very few seniors want to leave the homes where they may have been living for decades, but as their age advances, the necessity of doing so may increase until the issue can no longer be ignored. An older adult may be extremely reluctant to leave the family home and all of its associated memories. However, when it is time to have that heartfelt talk with mom, a few words of advice can help to alleviate any difficulties. Read More
Inclusivity in Care: International Day of Persons With Disabilities
On December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) celebrates the diversity of our global community, teaches about the experiences of people living with a disability, and promotes action and support for a world that is inclusive to all. Read More
Knowing When To Get Help For Your Loved One With Dementia
It’s not always obvious when to ask for help, or when to make changes to the care that the... Read More
Fun Activities When Visiting Loved Ones
  53 activities you can do when visiting your loved ones Talk about what you... Read More
How to Help Family Caregivers During the Holidays
While the holidays are an exciting time, they can also add stress for many family caregivers. With... Read More
Caregiving Staff and Support Groups
Being a caregiver is incredibly rewarding. It’s also hard work. It can be overwhelming to... Read More
Understanding Senior Housing Options
Navigating a major change in a loved one’s living situation can be stressful. It’s an emotional time, and with the sheer volume of options and details, it can become overwhelming very quickly. We’re here and ready to help. We spend thousands of hours each year pre-screening care and housing solutions, and we know your local communities from the inside out. Read More
How CEU Educators Helped Healthcare Workers Remain Licensed Through the Pandemic
The pandemic threatened even the licensures of healthcare workers who were suddenly left unable to obtain their required Continuing Education Units (CEUs). That’s when two providers of CEU instruction, Katie Cochran and Jay Jones, recognized the problem and decided to do something about it. Read More
8 Mistakes Families Make When Looking For Senior Care
Searching for assisted living or residential care by yourself can be an eye-opening experience for... Read More
Tips on Improving Communication with your Parent's Medical Team
5 Tips on Improving Communication with your Parent's Medical Team Read More
Just in Time? The Decision to Move to Assisted Living
Mom and Dad planned ahead for assisted living and chose their own community - a rare story. Read More
When Home is a Vulnerable Place
By CarePatrol CarePatrol is committed to helping families stay safe, whether it be at home... Read More
6 Fall Prevention Methods Used by Senior Communities
One of the biggest challenges facing assisted living facilities is the prevention of falls. Falls... Read More

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