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Celebrating Our Inspiring Women Today and Every Day
Celebrated in March, International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month highlight the contributions and impact made by women throughout history and society. Read More
Celebrating Spring, Health and Wellness: Wellderly Week 2022
The beginning of Spring is nature’s way of hitting the restart button and surprising us with new scenery. For many, this is a time of updating spaces, attitudes and outlooks on life. For older adults, Wellderly Week provides an opportunity to enjoy their free time and redefine “acting your age.” Read More
Reconciliation Day: Navigating Caregiving and the Transition to Senior Care
For families, thinking about the transition to senior care is not easy, especially when conflict may be part of the family dynamic. Read More
Observing Patient Safety Awareness Week
Every year, Patient Safety Awareness Week is being observed to encourage everyone to learn more about health care safety; this year, the week will be celebrated on March 13-19. Read More
Independent Living vs. Assisted Living
Whether you are looking to design your future lifestyle or helping a member of your family access a... Read More
Taking the Keys Away from you Aging Parents
Have mom or dad come dangerously close to getting into an accident recently? If so, it may be time to have another one of those “talks.” By Rebekah Alcalde Read More
CarePatrol Begins 2022 by Implementing a Brand Refresh
Nation’s Largest Senior Care Solutions Organization Brand Refinement Offers a Softer, More Caring Image for it’s Clients Read More
The Silver Tsunami and what it means for Assistive Living, LTC and Home Health. Goals, Trends, Quality of Life
Over the next 3 decades, the number of people over 65 will double, from 40 million to over 80 million. And those over 85 years old will be the largest segment of this growing senior cohort. Read More
Aging Well In America
Longevity, or living a long life, is what we strive for as we age. Healthy, active, longevity. And there are solid guidelines available to help us to get there. No big secret, no magic elixir needed, and it is not as hard as you might think. Read More
Celebrating Black History Month
Every February, Black History Month celebrates the achievements of African Americans and their important role and impact throughout the history of the United States. Read More
American Heart Month: More than a Celebration, a Great Reminder to Take Care of #OurHearts
Celebrated every February, American Heart Month serves as a great reminder to individuals about the importance of taking care of our hearts, at all stages of life. Read More
Gratitude and Praise: Happy National Caregivers Day!
The third Friday in February is National Caregivers Day, honoring the men and women across the country who provide care to individuals in long-term and hospice care. Read More
Observing Low Vision Awareness Month
Low Vision Awareness Month is every February, and it is a time to spread awareness about vision rehabilitation and how it supports individuals to live full, active lives. Read More
Reflecting on 2021: A Message from Our Brand President
Reflecting on 2021, we connected with Becky Bongiovanni, CSA, Brand President of CarePatrol Franchise Systems, LLC to gain her leadership insights for 2022 and beyond. Keep reading for her insights: Read More
Send love to a Caregiver on National Call a Friend Day
National Call a Friend Day is a great reminder to take a few minutes to greet a friend, share the love and show support for a caregiver in your life. Read More
Memory Care Support: Working Together to Find the Best Senior Care Solutions
Many times, what may seem like age-related forgetfulness in your older loved one may actually be a serious memory problem that needs professional support. Read More
New Year's Resolutions Bring New Opportunities
With the start of a new year, many take part in a long standing tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions. For some, this means continuing a good practice or changing a behavior. Read More
Does Your Loved One Need Safer Housing Options?
The holiday season may have provided the perfect opportunity to reunite with family members, especially with parents and grandparents. As you reflect on your visit, did you note changes in your loved one’s behavior or living style? Read More
Post Holiday Depression & Seniors
January brings a bit of sadness or depression to many of us, but for seniors it can be even more significant. So how can we, the caregivers, help? Make plans! Read More

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