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Happy Father's Day!
Father’s Day is a very special day. You can make it one that Dad and the rest of your family will truly enjoy. Let your creativity shine as you consider how you can tailor these activities to make the dads, grandfathers and other dad figures in your life have a wonderful day! Read More
Stay Social
July is Social Wellness Month. Staying engaged to a network of supportive friends and family members carries many benefits, especially to help mitigate loneliness. With life changes, illness, and loss as universal themes of aging, many seniors find themselves struggling with depression and anxiety. According to the World Health Organization, over 20% of adults over the age of 60 are dealing with a mental or neurological disorder. Read More
Understanding Caregiver Burnout
You may have heard the term “caregiver burnout" but do you know what it means? According to WebMD, it is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. Unpaid caregivers devote an average of 20 hours a week to providing physical, financial, and emotional support for an older loved one or friend. Though caregivers enjoy helping a loved one to age in place at home, there is a toll that is taken, resulting in stress, depression, and anxiety. Read More
Strategies to Deal with Stress as a Caregiver
Caring for a family member or loved one is a common occurrence here in the United States and with our population aging, those numbers are on the rise. According to the Mayo Clinic, nearly 1 in 3 American adults are considered informal caregivers, not paid for these responsibilities but juggling them among working, raising kids, and taking care of everyday tasks. This scenario may hit close to home if you’re a caregiver or someone you love holds down this role. Read More
AI in Senior Living Communities: Aging in Modern Times
These days, it’s hard to escape the presence of artificial intelligence (AI). After chatGPT... Read More
Navigating Family Disagreements when Caring for an Aging Parent
Issues and stress can develop among adult siblings when caring for a parent or an elderly loved one. Read More
4 Additional Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Senior Care
A few months back, we discussed 4 common mistakes to avoid when looking for senior care. We received an overwhelming response, and today, we are excited to present 4 additional mistakes you should avoid. Read More
5 Benefits of Assisted Living: What Families May Not Know
With an estimated 16% of Marylanders over the age of 65—almost 1 million people—more... Read More
Walnut Creek, CA - Senior Living Advisors Can Help Find Memory Care Facilities
Walnut Creek, CA, has many reputable memory care facilities with unique features and benefits. A CSA can help narrow your search by assessing your loved one's needs, preferences, and budget. They can also provide valuable insights into the community's reputation, staff qualifications, and quality of care. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating memory care facilities. Read More
Father’s Day Gift Guide
Dads are the rock of the family and are our first and most powerful male role model. You may have inherited your dad’s sense of humor, work ethic or love of a sports team. This Father’s Day, explore the ways that tech devices can help make your dad’s life easier and even more fun. Read More
Happy Pride Month!
June is Pride Month, the opportunity for you to find ways to become an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. This is the perfect time to show support, start a dialogue with friends and family of all generations and raise awareness of inclusivity for all. Read More
Father’s Day Fun Facts
Howard Cunningham, Homer Simpson, Mike Brady, Tony Soprano, Ward Cleaver and Danny Tanner are just some of the popular television dads who have become like family over the years, appearing in our living rooms and feeling so familiar. To honor the fathers, grandfathers and father figures in our lives, we’ve gathered some fun facts: Read More
Jumpstart to Downsizing
Downsizing and dismantling a home filled with possessions from the past 20, 30 or 40 years can be emotionally difficult, but having a plan and clear path can help keep the memories and make the transition just a little easier. Read More
Concord, CA - When to Consider Independent Living Services | Assisted Care New
Independent living is often how your loved ones would like to spend their twilight years. It gives them freedom while providing a fun community to enjoy. However, knowing if this is their best situation can be tough. Read More
Amenities That Age Gracefully: What to Look for in a Senior Living Community
It’s a simple fact of life that as people age, their needs change. But aging in modern times... Read More
The Importance of Estate Planning
Estate planning documents help guide your family members and loved ones to understand and carry out asset disposition and your care and end-of-life wishes. Most importantly, an estate plan can help reduce family burden and stress. While the majority of adults believe estate planning is important, only one-third have actually created one. Read More
Estate Sales – Fast, Efficient, and Beneficial
At the end of April, I sat down with Susan Roddy, owner of Caring Transitions of Appleton, to talk about Estate Sales. Susan’s company helps seniors in the Fox Valley prepare for a move by providing personal assistance with downsizing, moving, new home set-ups and estate sales. Read More
Did You Know…Mother’s Day Edition!
As we celebrate the woman who helped shape and inspire us into becoming the people we are today, let’s explore some fun facts about Mother’s Day that may surprise you. Read More
Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Your first cheerleader, your staunchest protector, and your biggest fan - that’s your mom! Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so thinking of ways to delight her as well as make her day-to-day life easier is always in fashion. Here are some tech suggestions that can surprise her this year: Read More
Celebrating National Nurses Week
Did you know that nurses are more at risk to sustain a back injury on a shift than a construction worker? Or that during an average 12-hour shift, a nurse can walk for 4 miles or longer? These active and caring professionals give it their all each and every day, so we’re taking a week to express our thanks! Read More

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