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Leveraging Expertise In Senior Placement In The Face Of Covid-19
By CarePatrol of Baltimore Finding the right placement for a loved one is never an easy task.... Read More
What Is Transfer Trauma And How To Avoid It
By CarePatrol Older adults must sometimes move to a new home to meet their current needs.... Read More
Some Elder Advice For The New Year Ahead
By CarePatrol With Christmas 2019 just passed and a bright new year of 2020 before us, it... Read More
We Help Seniors Celebrate the Joy in Life and Find Solutions for the Suffering
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Working with seniors every day means I get to meet some... Read More
Is Dark Chocolate Really a Heart-Smart Food Choice?
By CarePatrol Few among us can resist a gooey dessert or tasty chocolate bar. Rumor has it that... Read More
How to Spot Fake News on Social Media During Election Season
By CarePatrol Older adults are becoming more comfortable on the internet - surfing the web,... Read More
Searching For Senior Care May Affect Your Job Performance
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Finding care for an aging parent is a noble... Read More
Are You as Old as You Feel?
They say, “age is just a number,” but as the years pass it can seem like this number controls your life. As the number of your age increases, it’s easy to let it dictate your feelings and quality of life. However, some people feel far younger than their chronological age. In fact, 80% of people feel younger than their chronological age. According to the New York Times, those people are healthier mentally and physically than their counterparts who feel older. Simply feeling younger can lead to better outcomes. Is age really a mindset? Read More
Mourning the Death of a Spouse
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore When a spouse dies, your world changes. After the... Read More
How to Stay Connected With Your Older Loved Ones
By CarePatrol Older adults are at high risk for COVID-19 and serious complications.... Read More
Solutions for Isolation and Loneliness in Older Adults During COVID-19
Explore a variety of solutions for coping with senior isolation and loneliness in COVID-19 and beyond. Read More
Isolation for Seniors May Trigger Rapid Declines in Health
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Prior To COVID-19, David and his wife were managing the... Read More
What to Consider Before Becoming Your Loved One's Caregiver
By CarePatrol The coronavirus pandemic is concerning for all of us, but it poses an even... Read More
Will Mom Be Safe in Assisted Living?
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Assisted Living is a unique blend of health care and... Read More
Ways to Prevent Ageism During COVID-19
By CarePatrol Seniors, or people 65 years and older, are one of the groups most vulnerable... Read More
Chalk the Walk at American House Grand Rapids. July 21, 2020.
By CarePatrol of Western Michigan-Grand Rapids East   Chalk the Walk was to send... Read More
Seniors at Risk for Fraudulent Credit Card Charges
By CarePatrol of Baltimore Fraudulent credit card charges are not a new thing. However,... Read More
Laughter is the Best Medicine
By CarePatrol Life throws many stressors our way, posing a constant challenge for our mental... Read More
Protecting Older Adults: Resources For Families
By CarePatrol It’s an uncomfortable topic to think about - elder abuse. But as the... Read More
Our Spirits Are Strong
By CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore Throughout the virus crisis, CarePatrol has had many... Read More

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