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Welcome to My Care Advisors!
Tune In! My Care Advisors Podcast is here! CarePatrol is excited to announce the launch of our...
A Parent's Passing: Lessons Learned from a Daughter and Senior Care Professional
Along the journey of caregiving, one may encounter many paths—some are filled with empathy and growth and others with doubt and guilt. All of these emotions and changes are part of a bigger conversation that, when shared with your loved one, may lead to better care and a better quality of life. Read More
A New Year’s Resolution: Address Caregiver Guilt
Whether you become a caregiver gradually or all of a sudden due to a crisis, many emotions surface when you take on the job of caregiver. And all of your emotions, good and bad, about caregiving, are not only allowed but valid and important. Read More
Living with Gratitude: The Important Role of Family Caregivers
It is estimated that 44 million Americans provide 37 billion hours of unpaid, “informal” care each year to adult family members and friends with chronic illnesses or conditions that prevent them from handling daily activities such as bathing, managing medications or preparing meals on their own (National Caregiver Alliance). Read More
Tips for a Safe & Merry Holiday Season
The long-awaited holiday season is a time for connecting with family and friends and celebrating traditions. This special time, while a joyous one, can also be eye-opening for families with older adults. Read More
What is Palliative Care vs. End of Life Care?
Planning for care during a serious illness or after being diagnosed with a life-limiting condition can be very challenging. Many older adults choose hospice or palliative care to support pain management or alleviate discomfort. Nearly 2 million older adults receive hospice care or palliative care each year, and the number continues to grow. Read More
Having the Conversation About Care Needs
Major life transitions can be difficult, especially when those changes involve an aging loved one. Many caregivers struggle with the best way to discuss sensitive topics with an aging parent and other family members. Read More
Staying Healthy this Flu Season
The flu can be serious for everyone - but for adults 65 years and older, the risk of flu-related complications and hospitalization is particularly high. Read More
Getting Your Legal "House" in Order
Aging can often present difficult challenges, including complex health issues, declining physical and/or mental capacity, care-related expenses and other financial concerns. It is important to have one’s legal “house” in order to navigate these challenges. Read More
Independent Living vs. Assisted Living
Did you know that the number of adults aged 65 years of age or older is expected to double from 49 million to nearly 100 million by 2060 in the U.S.? Currently, more than 800,000 older adults reside in 30,000 assisted living communities, and that number is expected to continue to increase over the next decade. Knowing the differences between senior living options is important when determining the best setting to support independence and living one’s best life. Read More
Home Care vs. Skilled Home Health
Did you know that every day, millions of people are providing care for their spouse, aging parents, or elderly family members, all while keeping up with other responsibilities? Oftentimes, these caregivers may require outside support to ensure their loved ones can have the best quality of life but don’t know where to find such help. Understanding the different services that can be delivered in the home can be overwhelming. Learn the differences between Home Care and Skilled Home Health in today’s episode. Read More
Suicide Prevention & Older Adults
Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., affecting men and women of all ages. Older adults are especially vulnerable. Read More
Mind Your Mental Health - Addressing Caregiver Burnout
Always approaching their responsibilities with care and compassion, caregivers make a difference in the lives of patients, residents, and their families every single day by providing vital services and support. Read More
Mind Your Mental Health - Reactions to Caregiving
Caregiving can trigger a host of difficult emotions, including anger, fear, resentment, guilt, helplessness and grief. It’s important to acknowledge and accept what you’re feeling, both good and bad. Don’t beat yourself up over your doubts and frustrations. These feelings don’t mean that you resent your family member—they simply mean you’re human. Read More
Mental Health & the Older Adult – Series
Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act as we cope with life. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, including as we age. Read More
The Importance of Financial Planning for Older Adults
Navigating the costs of care and asset management, especially as one ages, can be complex. In 2021, it was estimated that 1 in 3 older adults aged 65+ is economically insecure. Read More
ADLs vs IADLs: Why Are They Important?
When thinking about care options, especially as one ages or for those living with a chronic condition, it is important to consider the support needed to complete activities of daily living (ADLs) to safely live at home. The inability to accomplish essential activities of daily living may lead to unsafe conditions and a poor quality of life. This episode provides information about the importance of activities of daily living and how caregivers can identify when more support is needed. Read More
Navigating the Alzheimer’s Diagnosis
Receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer's is never easy—it is a life-changing event that may lead to a range of emotions and questions. According to the Alzheimer's Association, more than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease, and this figure is steadily growing. Read More
It's Never Too Late to Start Moving!
It’s important to take care of our physical well-being, especially as one ages. While... Read More
Seeing the Possibilities - Eye Health and Independence for Older Adults
Taking care of your eyes should be a priority,  just like eating healthy and physical... Read More

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