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The Heart of a Caregiver
In my line of work as a Senior Care Advisor in Appleton, I am regularly inspired by the selfless...
Senior Driving: Talking About Safety
Driving provides a sense of freedom. But with that freedom comes great responsibility. If you have concerns about the driving safety of a loved one who is aging, having a conversation about safe driving can feel daunting. Read More
Helping Older Adults Avoid the Valentine’s Day Blues
Memories of handing out Valentines to your friends in school can warm your heart. But as we age, Valentine’s Day may become a more challenging holiday. Especially for older adults who have lost a spouse or have been single for a long duration, Valentine’s Day can be accompanied by feelings of loneliness or depression. There are ways to help a loved one feel special and embrace this day of love again. Read More
Why More Older Adults Are Choosing Independent Living
As our population ages, a growing number of adults over 55 are choosing to redefine their... Read More
Helping Older Adults with the Holiday Blues
Although the lights are shining and festive music fills the air, the holiday season isn’t always the easiest time for everyone. Older adults can struggle with feelings of isolation and are often hesitant to share these emotions. With some compassion and kindness, there are ways to help aging loved ones to feel included and lessen a sense of feeling isolated. Read More
Healthy Habits Create a New You for 2024
A new year full of wonder is on the horizon. Instead of thinking of typical resolutions, this could be an exciting time to bring some joy, inspiration and healthy choices to change your life. This is a fantastic opportunity to incorporate some new possibilities and team up to help a parent, grandparent or other loved one to make 2024 a wonderful year to remember! Read More
How Assisted Living Protects Your Loved One's Safety & Security
Making the decision to seek residential care for a family member can be difficult. Many older... Read More
Tips for Making the Holidays Less Stressful & More Joyous for Family Caregivers
The holidays are right around the corner. This magical time of year begins with Thanksgiving dinner and stretches through New Year’s Day, full of special times spent with family, creating memories to last a lifetime. For family caregivers, the holiday season can be more challenging. Let’s explore ways to help the entire family enjoy these amazing times together. Read More
Taking Care of Older Adults: Top 5 Caregiving Considerations to Make
The National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP estimate that more than 53 million Americans are... Read More
Supporting Emotional Wellness for Seniors
The way that you handle daily stress can provide a window into your overall emotional state. October is Emotional Wellness Month, an ideal opportunity to take stock of how we are doing as well as consider the emotional wellness of the seniors we love. Read More
Understanding Depression
Feeling blue or melancholy is common, with many people relating to those emotions. Recognizing the difference between sadness and depression is important, especially in older adults. The National Institute of Mental Health categorizes depression as a serious mood disorder that is accompanied by symptoms that impact how a person thinks, feels and handles their day to day activities like working, eating and sleeping. Read More
National Long Term Care Planning Month
October is National Long Term Care Planning Month, the ideal opportunity to consider a strategy for the future. According to the National Institute on Aging, when considering long term care, think about assistance with activities of daily living like grooming, dressing and bathing as well as services like meals and transportation. This help may be needed after a health setback, disability, hospitalization or as part of the natural aging process and can involve a change in senior living arrangements to make sure an older adult stays safe. Read More
What You Need to Know About Caregiver Burnout When Caring for Seniors
According to AARP, almost 48 million Americans provide unpaid care to an adult relative or loved... Read More
Dream Big and Embrace Hobbies
Have you always wanted to write a novel? Play the piano? Paint a sunset? Now is the perfect time to pick up some art supplies or grab an instrument. September is Self-Improvement Month! Read More
How to Navigate Senior Living Options in the “Sandwich Generation”
If you’re taking care of your children and aging loved ones at the same time, you may be... Read More
5 Ways Baby Boomers are Transforming Senior Care
The baby boomer generation—those born between 1946 and 1964—is made up of about 68... Read More
AI in Senior Living Communities: Aging in Modern Times
These days, it’s hard to escape the presence of artificial intelligence (AI). After chatGPT... Read More
After-Hospital Care for Seniors: What Families Should Know
When an older adult is admitted to the hospital or rehabilitation facility, it can be a stressful... Read More
Occupational Therapists Change Lives Each Day
If you have a parent, spouse, or loved one who has encountered struggles with daily tasks, you know that the frustration can be daunting. Aging can make doing things that used to be simple much more complicated. Sometimes, a little help can make all the difference. Read More
Does My Loved One Need Senior Care? Top Signs It May Be Time
One of the hardest things about caring for an elderly loved one is knowing when to broach the... Read More

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