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The Heart of a Caregiver
In my line of work as a Senior Care Advisor in Appleton, I am regularly inspired by the selfless...
Amenities That Age Gracefully: What to Look for in a Senior Living Community
It’s a simple fact of life that as people age, their needs change. But aging in modern times... Read More
Senior Living Options Explained- Nursing Homes Might Not Be What You Think They Are
In years past, most people referred to senior living collectively as nursing homes. There was no distinction between types of facilities and care needs. Seniors and their families had fewer options for varying requirements and preferences. While the world of senior living has changed significantly in recent years, there are still many people who remember the stigmas associated with nursing homes of old and are hesitant to consider senior living communities for themselves or a loved one. Read More
Independent Living vs. Assisted Living
Whether you are looking to design your future lifestyle or helping a member of your family access a... Read More
Talking to Mom About Assisted Living
Very few seniors want to leave the homes where they may have been living for decades, but as their age advances, the necessity of doing so may increase until the issue can no longer be ignored. An older adult may be extremely reluctant to leave the family home and all of its associated memories. However, when it is time to have that heartfelt talk with mom, a few words of advice can help to alleviate any difficulties. Read More
Knowing When To Get Help For Your Loved One With Dementia
It’s not always obvious when to ask for help, or when to make changes to the care that the... Read More
Just in Time? The Decision to Move to Assisted Living
Mom and Dad planned ahead for assisted living and chose their own community - a rare story. Read More
Leveraging Expertise In Senior Placement In The Face Of Covid-19
By CarePatrol of Baltimore Finding the right placement for a loved one is never an easy task.... Read More
Assisted Living Is the Safer Option
By CarePatrol The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of our daily lives in many ways, but... Read More
Senior Living Communities in the Future
By CarePatrol The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented times for us all. While the end... Read More
Assisted Living Myth-Busters
By CarePatrol of KCMO Metro South  The advent of the Coronavirus pandemic has generated... Read More
Is Assisted Living Tax Deductible?
Connect with CarePatrol to learn about nursing home tax deductions & other tax ramifications with assisted living. We’re your resource for senior care placement. Read More
What’s the Difference Between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes?
By CarePatrol These are challenging times. CarePatrol knows that you have a tough decision... Read More
Safer At Home Or At A Care Facility During COVID-19?
By CarePatrol of Fox Cities The headlines are frightening: Descriptions of nursing homes... Read More
The Impact of the Wrong Senior Living Community
Chuck worked as a hospital-based home health medical social worker. One of his roles was to... Read More
What is Assisted Living?
By CarePatrol of Chandler-Gilbert What are the services offered in Assisted... Read More
Care Options When It Is No Longer Safe To Live At Home
By CarePatrol of San Mateo County Most seniors will reach a point when they are no... Read More
How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?
By CarePatrol of Richmond-Fredericksburg-Williamsburg-Newport News The short answer is,... Read More
How Will We Pay For Assisted Living?
By CarePatrol of Richmond-Fredericksburg-Williamsburg-Newport News The average cost of... Read More
Nursing Home Or Assisted Living?
By CarePatrol of Richmond-Fredericksburg-Williamsburg-Newport News “Can you help us... Read More

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