The Payback Decade


For most people, the decade between age 75 and 85 is when the body communicates that it is payback time for all the things done to it earlier in life. When those body parts complain they often use the communication method of pain. Medical care continues to improve, so average life span has moved from 75 in 1989 to 81 today. A normal human response to pain is to move around less, attend fewer social outings and request pain medications. That results in an impaired immune system and possible falls as movement and socialization are key parts of the immune system and muscular support.

The good news is that frailty is reversible. The beauty of assisted living is that the movement and socialization are disguised as FUN. Before you or your loved ones hits the age of the payback decade, establishing a plan designed for maximum health and satisfaction is wise. Pain relief can be addressed with non-prescription ways that help overall health. Many people find themselves in the “sandwich” generation. Elderly parents to care for, growing children that still need attention, career considerations, and dealing with all the unknowns of the rapidly changing systems. Doctors and documents become keywords. Estate planning, tax and risk avoidance, and trusts or wills can’t be put off any longer.


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