We Are All In This Together for Safety and Health

During the COVID-19 crisis and always…

For nearly 7 years, CarePatrol of Sarasota and Manatee County has been entrusted with educating and working with families residing in our local communities. We have been invited into homes and hospital rooms during very special times of consideration for care needs whether it be for In-Home Care, Memory Care, Independent or Assisted Living, Elder Law Attorneys, Financial Planning, VA Benefits or Medicaid information.

While these have always been difficult times for families, emotionally and financially, CarePatrol has consistently been by your side from the beginning, following through and following up.

But we are now in unprecedented times. Times of disruption in our daily lives and uncertainty of the present and future.

It’s in times like these where we must remind ourselves of our own vulnerabilities and seek to do everything possible and safely, to assure that those of us who are most susceptible, our elders and immuno-compromised men and women, have their health needs met.

We want each of you to know that we are still fully operational, although following specific changes adhering to CDC and Government guidelines regarding healthcare communities.

There are 184 Communities of Independent, Assisted and Skilled Nursing as well as 122 Private Duty companies in our territory that we have partnered with, screened, and evaluated to find the best and safest choice for individual care needs and financial disposition. We have identified that some of our top providers are experiencing extreme staffing challenges associated with the current volume of rapid hospital discharges.

During this time, CarePatrol continues to evolve and develop. We are still evaluating care needs and educating and are doing so primarily through phone calls, FaceTime and Skype. And the communities, whom we have built strong relationships with over the last seven years are willing to do virtual tours of their communities and care options.

As we walk with you, we promise you to lead by our values of being trustworthy, empathetic, accountable, united and passionate.

To all our healthcare partners and care providers; we know on any given day your stress level can be overwhelming. It is every day that each of you wakes with a commitment and compassion to serve.

In the wake of this impact, we cannot begin to understand the level of concern that you must now carry for your patients and peers, not to mention the added worry of your own families as you walk into the risk of exposure and potential quarantine.

Please know that our Team is ready to support your efforts as well as advocate for your seniors and families during this critical time and always.

We are here for you in this time of anxiety and unknown, so please contact your local CarePatrol Team today.

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Wendy Rickenbach-Barclay


CarePatrol of Greater Sarasota

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