What Is The Leading Cause Of Injuries In Seniors?


I received the call from Joe’s daughter that he had fallen and was in the ER. Very often that call means someone has just experienced a life-changing event  that may have denied them their independence, their mobility or even their mental capacity.  A hip or spine fracture, head injury, or broken arm – can all result in a major set back (or death) and eliminate a senior’s choice when it comes to senior-housing options.

At Care Patrol, we do very thorough Care Discoveries that help us evaluate a seniors need for assisted living, memory care and in-home care.  Sometimes, the evaluation suggests it’s time for a senior community.  For most of us, leaving the home that contains a lifetime of memories is difficult.  Many seniors wait too long to make that change, and during that time of indecision, falls often occur.

Falls can happen at home or in senior communities, but communities take measures to mitigate that risk. Here are some ways they help prevent falls:

• Communities encourage exercise and activity and staying active can reduce fall risk.

• Stairs are eliminated, proper lighting is installed and surfaces are maintained to reduce hazards like slipping.

• Bathrooms are equipped with roll in showers, grab bars, shower chairs and non slip surfaces.. Clutter is kept out of common areas. Night lights guide to the bathroom. Rugs are secured or removed.

• Meals are provided to maintain proper hydration, strength and energy.

• Medications are managed to make sure they are taken on schedule, prescriptions are refilled and side effects are monitored.

• If you do fall, pull cords, pendants and motion tracking devices can be used to call for help.

Care Patrol’s mission is to help seniors and their families find safer living options.  Call your local CarePatrol advisor today!


About the author
Eric Klein

Senior Care Consultant

CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore

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