Working to Help Keep Seniors Safe

CarePatrol of Charlotte has been serving seniors of the metro-Charlotte area, along with Lancaster and York counties in South Carolina for over ten years. We proudly represent the private-pay options for area senior communities, where we have developed professional relationships with their on-site staffs and know their product due to market research and education. We share our knowledge and expertise, thereby helping families through the process of finding the best senior living option for their loved ones, specific to their needs.

Many times, we are contacted by a healthcare professional, referring us to a senior in need. Other times, we are contacted by the senior themselves or from a senior’s family member, with all hoping to gain some helpful guidance through what can easily become a daunting process.

Once contact is made, we immediately schedule a time to personally meet with the senior and/or the senior’s family and conduct what we call a ‘Care Discovery Introduction’. This introduction gives us an opportunity to meet in person, as well as to learn about the senior’s personal interests, who they are and who they were before retirement, their important healthcare needs, and financial budget. By doing so, we’re able to personally get to know the senior, which greatly helps in determining the community that best fits their individual needs.

We also offer direction to trusted resources we have developed professional connections with over time, covering the concerns that seniors tend to experience, such as the need for an elder law attorney, a mover, an estate sale organizer and/or an organization company, meal delivery services, home repair companies, real estate professionals, cleaning services, etc.

In addition, we can assist caregivers with reducing their stress, by recommending short and long-term solutions for in-home care companies and provide them with helpful information on support programs in the local area. Regardless of your need, we become a valuable resource to help guide you and your family through your own personal journey.

While safer senior living is your goal, it is our mission at CarePatrol and in the end, we help to eliminate a lot of unnecessary legwork and time spent by the family, as well as unnecessary stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Our services are of no cost to the seniors we serve, a most beneficial service and with over 150 locations in 44 states, CarePatrol is respectfully recognized as the top, #1 rated senior placement agency in the nation. If we can assist you and your family locally, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

About the author
Lori Vrcan

Senior Care Consultant

CarePatrol of Charlotte

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